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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn kĩ cách làm dạng OUTWEIGH trong IELTS WRITING TASK 2 như thế nào cho đúng, IELTS TUTOR hôm nay xin tổng hợp thêm từ vựng về TOPIC NOISE, đây là topic thường gặp trong IELTS WRITING cũng như SPEAKING nhân bạn học sinh lớp IELTS ONLINE của IELTS TUTOR thiếu từ vựng về topic này nhé


1. Từ vựng liên quan topic noise

  • chirp (v): hót —> birds chirping : tiếng chim hót
  • irritating (adj): phiền phức
  • interfere (v): chen vào.
  • Can’t bear Ving (expression): Có thể chịu đựng điều gì đó
  • Face up to (phrasal verb): Đối mặt với (một tình huống khó chịu)
  • Productivity (n): Năng suất
  • To lull SO to sleep (v): Đi vào giấc ngủ nhẹ nhàng —> Cái này là động từ của từ lullaby là bài hát ru 
  • To be stressed out (adj): Trạng thái căng thẳng tinh thần
  • Tolerate (v) to accept or endure: Chấp nhận chịu đựng, nhẫn nhịn
  • To do (serious) harm to (v): Gây hại, tổn hại sức khỏe
  • ear-drum: màng nhĩ
  • lovely sound : âm thanh đáng yêu, dễ chịu
  • horrible screeching sounds : âm thanh khó chịu, chói tai
  • deafening sound/noise : âm thanh chói tai
  • constant / incessant noise : tiếng ồn liên miên, kéo dài
  • music blaring : tiếng nhạc ầm ĩ
  • dogs barking : tiếng chó sủa
  • waves crashing : tiếng sóng vỗ
  • absolutely / completely / perfectly silent : cực kỳ yên tĩnh
  • breaks / shatters the silence : phá tan bầu không khí tĩnh lặng
  • oddly / strangely / uncharacteristically quiet : im lặng một cách kỳ lạ
  • Excessive noise: tiếng ồn quá nhiều ex: People who make excessive noise after 10pm are very antisocial. —> An excessive amount of noise: lượng tiếng ồn quá nhiều ex: I can’t stand an excessive amount of noise in Ta Hien Street.
  • A loud explosion: một tiếng nổ lớn ex: Yes, I was woken by what sounded like a loud explosion.
  • Booming (a) /ˈbuː.mɪŋ/: making a deep and loud hollow sound - tiếng oang oang, đùng đùng ex:Ta Hien street is booming with noise from the excessive amount of pedestrians.
  • a awkward / uncomfortable silence : sự im lặng một cách khó chịu

2. Các thể loại tiếng ồn

  • Traffic noise (horn and engine): tiếng còi xe và động cơ 
  • Construction-site noise
    • Học thêm về từ ghép mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn
  • Neighbourhood noise (quarrel / bark (chó sủa) / laughing / renovation (cải tạo)
  • Snoring: tiếng ngáy
  • Airport noise
  • Teeth grinding: tiếng nghiến răng
  • Sleep talking: nói mớ
  • Broadcasting noise: tiếng phát thanh 


  • It is not easy to find a place in Ha Noi that is completely quiet 
  • When I stay at home, I can hear the construction noise like the hammer banging, the drilling sounds
  • It’s very uncomfortable. Especially in your neighborhood, if they have some sorts of pets, you can actually hear the dogs yapping, cats meowing.
  • When you go out on to the road and people peeping horns really loudly even though there’s nothing ahead of them
  • Actually, noise can cause a lot of problems. First to human health, it can directly damage your ear, specifically your ear drum. Moreover, I think noise can interfere into your concentration and so your productivity. Moreover, in terms of mental health it can cause a lot of problems.
  • I really enjoy the raining sound no matter how heavy the rain is, but obviously only when I can stay in door, I don’t have to go anywhere or don’t have to run out for errands and missions (run errands: làm việc này việc kia) 
  • I really can’t bear noisy people, noisy places or even noisy things. For me noise is the number-one distractor when it comes to studying or working. You know, they actually just interrupt my flow of thoughts.
  • Well, I have to say that I face up to a rich variety of noises on a daily basis. The first type of noise is from traffic, especially during the rush hours. The second is noise from factories, construction sites which never fail to distract me from working, thereby reducing my productivity.
  • I think there is one sound that can always lull me to sleep, the rain sound. There are nights I was so stressed out that I can hardly sleep no matter how much I tried, and then I went online searching for some sound for deep sleep or relaxation, and rain sound is always one of the top choices. 
  • From a number of sources. It can come from the crazy drivers down there on the streets. It can come from a building being built. It can come from a music festivals or a DJ party where the crowd totally go wild. It can even come from a crying baby or a fight nextdoor.
  • I do think the level of noise is increasing overtime mainly due to human activities. The situation gets even worse if you live in a big modern city at a young age. Your auditory must be trained so hard to tolerate such noise everyday. 
  • Most cities in our country are suffering serious noise pollution due to rapidly increasing population and a massive amount of daily transportation. The consistently intense presence of noise does serious harm to the public health.
  • It is noise that damages the balance of normal life for people and animals.
  • Most noise pollution is caused by transportation. Cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes can all be very loud. And in many cities around the world, people's homes are very close to these transportation systems. But even things like building tools and music can be noise pollution.
  • Noise pollution is particularly a problem in developing countries. Growing cities and towns are not planned to reduce noise. Many homes and businesses are built next to busy roads. Traffic grows and with it the noise grows.
  • George Prochnik wrote a book about silence and noise in our world and culture. He said that noise can do more than just take our attention. Noise may harm our health. He says that noise can greatly affect our bodies. Most people know that loud noise can damage our ears. But noise can damage more than our ears. When a person experiences high levels of noise, his heart beats faster. His blood pressure gets higher. Noise can even change the balance of chemicals in a person's body.
  • But noise does not just affect humans. Birds sing songs to communicate. But if it is too noisy, the birds cannot communicate. Cows feed less and produce less milk when it is noisy. Some studies even show that the growth of some plants can be affected by noise.
  • Noise can also affect the way a person sleeps at night. A good night of sleep happens when a person is asleep for a long period of time. This is often called "deep sleep." But when there is too much noise at night, a person cannot get this deep sleep. Studies show that lack of sleep is connected to many different health problems. If a person is always tired, her body is not as strong. She is not able to fight sickness easily. She may also have a difficult time concentrating on work during the day.
  • But for many people, the problem of noise is not about health. It is about peace. In many religions, quiet is connected to peace. People use times of quiet to communicate with God. They pray or read holy books. Noise can keep us from thinking about God. It may even be difficult to pray if too much noise surrounds us.
  • Here are some things they say to reduce noise in your life:
    • Keep your mobile telephone at a low volume.
    • Train your pet dogs to not bark without reason.
    • If you want to share your music with people who live near you, do not do it by playing music louder. Play music at a level that only you can hear, or only indoors.
    • Instead of driving a car or riding a motor bike, ride a bicycle instead. This will reduce noise on the roads. And finally, if you have children, take them to quiet areas and let them listen. Teach them to value quiet in their lives.
  • Escaping from the noise of life can give us energy. It can make a person calm. It can help bring balance to the body

III. Một vài ideas & từ vựng topic Noise IELTS SPEAKING PART 2

Describe a kind of noise

You should say:

  • Where the noise comes from
  • How you feel about the noise
  • How you deal with it
  • And explain why you want to talk about it 

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