Từ vựng topic Tv program/Television/Watching TV IELTS

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Bên cạnh có thể tìm hiểu sâu hơn về IELTS General thông qua bài "TẤT TẦN TẬT" NHỮNG ĐIỀU BẠN CẦN BIẾT VỀ IELTS GENERAL TRAINING mà IELTS TUTOR đã chia sẻ trước đó, cùng với cách phân tích cũng như bài sửa kĩ càng của học sinh IELTS TUTOR đã đi thi ngày 22/8, IELTS TUTOR hôm nay giới thiệu Từ vựng topic Tv program IELTS

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IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Từ vựng topic Media IELTS

II. Từ vựng topic Tv program/Television/Watching TV

1. Part 1

1.1. Từ vựng về thể loại chương trình



Phim kinh dị


Phim tình cảm




Phim hành động


Phim tài liệu


Phim ly kỳ/giật gân


Phim phiêu lưu


Phim hoạt hình


Hài kịch tình huống


Hài kịch


Khoa học viễn tưởng

1.2. Từ vựng topic TV program part 1


  • Keep my eyes glued to the phone screen
  • TV host: người dẫn chương trình 
  • Talent show
  • Job-hunting show
  • Insightful (adj) sâu sắc
  • Intense and exciting (adj) gay cấn
  • Quiz show: đố vui
  • Hilarious (adj) hài  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Cách dùng động từ "laugh" tiếng anh
  • Educational (adj) có tính giáo dục
  • Reality show: chương trình thực tế
  • Interactive (adj) có tính tương tác
  • Relaxing (adj) thoải mái 
  • Telly – TV
  • Documentary
  • Episode
  • Mainstream
  • Series
  • Sitcom
  • Soap opera
  • Turn on/off/over  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Giải thích phrasal verb "turn on"
  • Repeat
  • Tune in
  • Produce
  • Sit in front of the the telly
  • Televise
  • Enlightening
  • Live-broadcast
  • Mind-numbing = boring
  • Attention-grabbing = interesting
  • Watch the box = watch TV

    Channel surf = change TV channels frequently

  • To be star-studded: được góp mặt bởi rất nhiều ngôi sao

    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: TV programs in the past used to have fewer actors and actresses, whereas TV programs nowadays are usually star-studded

  • Feature film: phim dài tập (phim truyện) = drama series 
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: feature films used to be my favorite, especially Korean series.
  • Plot: The plot is the general story of the movie. (tình tiết)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: The movie has a very simple plot. 
  • To broadcast: to send television or radio signals over the air. (phát sóng)  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Cách dùng động từ "broadcast" tiếng anh
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: Most television stations didn’t broadcast in color until the 1960s.
  • Commercial (noun): an advertisement on television or radio (quảng cáo)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: If a TV channel shows too many commercials, not many people will watch it.
  • Current affairs (noun): political, economic, and social events that are current, or happening now (thời sự)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: We usually watch a current affairs show after the nightly news.
  • Couch potato (phrase): a person who is addicted to watching TV (người nghiện phim)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: Please don’t lie around like a couch potato. Get up and do something productive.

1.3. Ideas topic TV Program Part 1


  • As I am a couch potato, I can spend hours sitting in front of the screen to watch my favourite programs. To be honest, this really makes me refreshed, and all daily stress is set aside when I immerse myself in one specific TV program
  • I love lying down on the couch and switching any channels as I want  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  PHÂN BIỆT TỪ "LIE" VÀ "LAY" TRONG TIẾNG ANH
  • I watch Tv whenever I want when I am in a good mood or not 
  • I love watching the programs in prime time 
  • When I watch one Korean drama series, I usually burst into tears because the plot is emotional and the cast is talented
  • I actually prefer watching TV to surfing the Internet due to its selectivity and accessibility. This is because the audience can be children, teenagers and families, so the content of TV programs is examine carefully and suitable time frame is arranged in order to avoid having negative impacts on them.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  cách dùng prefer, would prefer, would rather, had better
  • music channels such as MTV or V-channel offer a wide variety of music everyday.
  • In my country, these days reality shows and comedy shows are among the most popular TV programs. I guess it’s because its content is suitable for audience of any age from children to the elderly. The fans of reality shows feel interactive and familiar with the competitors while that of comedy shows generally want to be entertained with jokes and laughters.
  • Like other children, I watched a number of cartoons and music programs for children when I was a child. Tom and Jerry, Barbie, Disney series are my favorite which still get me excited whenever I see them on TV now
  • Televisions indeed have been changing remarkably for the past few years. The technology has become so innovative and competitive to meet the customers’ high demand on entertainment. The variety of TV programs is no longer limited to national level but has reached to a number of foreign countries
  • TV programs are significantly diversifying in content for audience preference.
  • I think watching TV has become a habit that I would hardly change. 
  • My family always watch news while having dinner together. 
  • I’d love watching TV for relaxing after studying as well as keeping myself updated on showbiz, music, movies, landscape discoveries and fields of science. 
  • Honestly, there is quite a mixed variety of TV programmes that I like watching, but in particular, I do get into (enjoy) the sitcom (hài kịch) programmes with many witty scenes (cảnh dí dỏm) which make me laugh a lot.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Cách dùng danh từ "variety" tiếng anh

2. Part 2


  • It’s a comedy-crime related program starring Andy Samberg, Terry Crews and many others.
  • What makes it amazing is that it’s simple and is a perfect combination between witty humor, friendship, love and amazing crime fighting stories. With Brooklyn nine nine, it’s so hard to figure out who your favorite character because they’re all so different and unique.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Các cách nói "Làm ai đó bị gì" (make sb adj) trong IELTS
  • I don’t get a chance to watch it everyday because of work but when I have time, I will always binge watch (xem 1 lần nhiều tập) the whole season. If I have to rank it, I’d put Brooklyn Nine-Nine as my number 1.
  • One of the reasons for me to like this show so much is that it’s very simple, no drama, no confused plot twists . 
  • It was funny and sweet and well-made. Not to mention Andy Samberg, one of the most talented comics of his generation, played the lead.
  • Among many programs and channels available on TV these days such as the current news programs, sport programs, entertaining programs, educational programs and movie programs, etc., I like the program “the World of Animals” most.
  • This program is usually shown on VTV2 everyday at 8.30 in the evening. It often lasts about 45 minutes. In this program, stories of the life of many animals in the world are told in a very lively way.
  • People can watch films about monkeys, snakes, tigers, insects, birds, sea turtles, sharks etc. … and even the penguins and the polar bears in the far North. While watching these films, I find the everyday life activities and habits of these animals very interesting and full mysteries.
  • It is very important to protect these animals and their living environments became they are part of our valuable natural world. Watching this program makes me very well informed and relaxed after a day of work.
  • I decided to give this documentary a look after one of my close friends recommended it to me, she said it had opened her eyes to the ways of the world. 
  • After watching a trailer for it, I knew I should give it a shot.
  • Throughout the documentary many were clarified for me about the food industry. For example, staying healthy is not enough today, we should be also careful about our food selection. The products we take from the large chains and markets can be quite unhealthy for us. The documentary analyzes the existing food markets from how food is being grown, how the conglomerates are abusing the environment, food, animals and people engaged in the production chain, how they are cheating the consumers and more other fascinating issues.
  • It was a fascinating documentary that made me think for the first time about this world behind the world that I had never even thought about questioning and also made me consider more carefully how I will support the food industry in the future.
  • As far as I can remember, it was originally a UK TV Game Show, and it made its first debut in Vietnam around 10 years ago.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Paraphrase từ "remember/recall" tiếng anh
  • The first 5 questions are pretty silly really, and they always give me and my family a good laugh
  • The entire show is a sea of knowledge. 
  • Many questions from different fields are asked, ranging from trivial things like ingredients needed to make cookies to academic stuff like quantum physics and archeology.
  • knowledge acquired from those shows were really helpful to me in many of my high school knowledge quizzes.
  • It’s called TED, which stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’, and it’s a great place to watch short talks and presentations about all sorts of interesting topics.
  • The reason I love watching online videos on TED is that I learn something new every time I watch one. The tagline for the TED website is ‘ideas worth spreading’, and this really sums up the appeal of the site for me. 
  • Instead of watching meaningless soap operas and talk shows on TV, I’d much rather spend 10 minutes watching someone talk about a breakthrough in technology, science or healthcare.

3. Part 3


  • talk shows are also vastly popular, so much so that they are on day and night in one channel or another. 
  • Talks shows give an insight into a pressing issues and bring many popular personalities to the programme 
  • there’s a huge number of TV series of different genres to which people can become fervently attached to. Personally, that matches my tastes more as I seek entertainment rather than information when I’m watching television.
  • I think the number of game shows is on the rise and it is interesting to notice that a good number of channels has started to develop new concepts or at least rehash old ones in order to draw in new viewers. 
  • Game shows are engaging and electrifying, and people love to watch somebody make a fool of themselves or win some money. 
  • There’s even people who devote their time into preparing for quiz shows 
  • I believe that TV is no longer the main source of information for a majority of people. With the advent and rise of social media, people are more frequently turning to those channels for a faster way of receiving updated information, especially when it comes to younger people.
  • Among other common sources for news, people still use radio, newspaper and magazines, but even these are quickly switching to an online format.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Phân biệt within / without/ between / among & middle
  • I would rather say what type of products and services are not on the TV. Starting from cosmetics, household appliances and cars manufacturers, online stores, fast food chain shops, real estate businesses and so on all want their presence on TV and to charm more people to try their products and services. 
  • I believe beauty products and electronic products have the highest number of TV advertisements in my country, and whenever I turn on a channel, their adverts are there.
  • I think people pay attention to TV ads even after they are bombarded with those adverts constantly. Sometimes people pay attention to those adverts willingly and sometimes unconsciously. I believe that whenever someone has to pick a product from a store, which offers a large number of brands and manufacturers, people opt for the one they have noticed on TV. Besides, whenever someone is in front of a TV set, his eyes and ears concentrate on the things shown on the screen, and even though many of us are irritated with the number of adverts shown on TV, we have no alternatives if we want to watch our favourite programmes on TV.
  • I think regulations are important when it comes to television and every ad should go through a rigid screening before they go live on TV. 
  • The authorities should make sure that the advertisement is suitable for the intended audience, does not broadcast fake products or services and complies with advertisement policies of the broadcasting companies.   >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Cách dùng danh từ "authority" tiếng anh 
  • Regulations are there to help protect the consumer and the companies from getting into legal problems.
  • I think TV programs in the past used to be very simple and somehow rough. Cartoons for example, they used to be in 2D, and everything looked very plain
  • Now, most cartoon series and movies are created with sophisticated computer programs that make them look very real.
  • In the past, it was kind of difficult to get a good quality live coverage, but now, thanks to the Internet and satellite technologies, we can get high definition video and audio quality without delays from most news broadcasters.
  • Most people watch TV for recreational and educational purposes. 
    • In terms of entertainment, as people now lead a hectic life and always feel stressed out, watching these TV shows is an effective way for them to put their feet up after work
    • About education, people can acquire knowledge about various topics like science, wildlife and history when watching TV
  • Sitcoms sometimes keep the audience in suspense (làm ai hồi hộp) 
  • World news is another widely watched form of TV because it helps people to keep up with the latest events around the world 
  • I think people watch TV primarily for entertainment. 
  • There are far more entertainment programmes than educational ones, and in my experience, most people treat television as a form of relaxation in the evening
  • Good children's TV programmes should tell stories that contain some kind of lesson about how to behave or what is morally right and wrong.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Phân biệt CONTAIN / INCLUDE CONSIST/ INVOLVE
  • TV viewing habits obviously change a lot as we get older. 
  • While toddlers might watch programmes about talking animals, teenagers prefer action and adventure or sports, and as adults we start taking an interest in news and politics. My own preferences, for example, have changed over the years - I would never have watched news programmes when I was younger.
  • It’s exciting and entertaining to see how players push their limits to win the games.
  • As the techniques have advanced in these years, the TV has also developed a lot. 
    • They have become thinner and clearer to be exact. 
    • old TV screen was made with plasma panel, making the whole TV heavy and big. 
    • Then, the LCD technology and the LED display come out lately, making the TV thinner and lighter while we can enjoy brighter and clearer programmes.
  • I believe that watching TV has benefited me in some ways, as well as bringing me some detrimental consequences.   >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Cách dùng BENEFIT (động từ, danh từ) & BENEFICIAL
    • Watching TV programmes had enabled me to broaden my vision as I was born and raised in a small county and there were many places and things I had no opportunities to experience.
    • spending too much time in front of TV also made me addicted to it, and did harm to my eyes unfortunately, so I had to wear glasses since middle school
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