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  • People should take actions to save the natural world
  • The flora and fauna
  • Individual actions do count in the fight against the devastation of animals and plants 
  • The species like the Dodo birds, or the Tasmanian tigers have become extinct somehow due to human indirect actions causing climate change or direct poaching
  • more serious actions in education and law enforcement should be taken 
  • Human activities, such as deforestation and urbanization, have narrowed the space for other species on the Earth or even threatened their existence
  • Some believe that the damage is irreversible and so we can do nothing, whereas others persist in carrying out effective measures to alleviate the current situation
  • overexploitation of natural resources should be reduced
  • Hunting and smuggling of wild animals should be banned. Overgrazing and over cultivation should be stopped so that we can have a sustainable development. Afforestation should be encouraged, which means planting trees where there were none before
  • on the verge of extinction
  • with the efforts of our government and some NGOs we have succeeded in bringing up their numbers of the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’

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