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Sau khi sửa bài cho học sinh lớp IELTS ONLINE WRITING của IELTS TUTOR với đề bài liên quan đến Topic Nature & Nurture, IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp hướng dẫn kĩ lưỡng các ideas & từ vựng nên chú ý trong topic Nature & Nurture đây là topic rất dễ gặp trong IELTS WRITING & SPEAKING nhé!

  • Humans’ talents are determined mostly by genetics
  • Some people are better at particular talents 
  • Such talents are inborn or can be accomplished through 
  • Grant sb a chance to do sth
  • Talents are the gifts of nature given to special individuals
  • Everyone is entitled to sth
  • There is a certain degree of truth in their claim because some people progress better than other in spite of undergoing the same level of 
  • Triumph
  • It is essential to identify gifted individuals and offer them a good environment to develop their skills to the best; meanwhile, those that are not as talented can be more suitable for vocational training.
  • Talents are introduced through not only genetic basis, but also suitable training
  • Nurture a talent in a proper environment 
  • Were training the key to personal achievements, there would certainly be more Mozarts or Einsteins.
  • Children might inherit abilities from their parents 
  • Humans’ personalities and achievements depend more on nurture than nature 
  • Parents will be a primary factor deciding what their children will be good at 
  • Have inborn talents in music
  • it is necessary to have the suitable combination of training and natural aptitudes
  • if one is passionate enough about success, it will be within his or her reach eventually.
  • Talents are more of inheritance rather than learning 
  • Education and upbringing are more important
  • Humans are not limited by genetic characteristics
  • Achievements to any goal can be possible if people work hard, stay focused and maintain self-motivation
  • Overcome their disadvantaged background and become successful
  • Talents and success are “self-made”
  • Talents of one person depend primarily on being inherited from parents 
  • As an old saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way”.
  • A typical example would be the special education syllabuses run by many countries when these syllabuses are specifically designed in the hope of creating a number of champions in certain fields.
  • Aspire to become….
  • Both inborn talents and hard training can actually have certain impacts on one’s accomplishments

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