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Ngoài học kĩ cách trả lời IELTS SPEAKING PART 2 trong bài này, nhớ học kĩ cách trả lời của IELTS SPEAKING PART 3 luôn nhé!

  • Based on my market analysis, this business will be profitable with a short cost-recovery term
  • This is my life-long dream
  • Meeting with friends and catering to like-minded customers can be great things to do 
  • I have always been dreaming that I will have. My own little heaven where I cam decorate and design in my favourite way
  • Criteria For A Good Business
    • Quality can be guaranteed
      • If the product delivered is not as promised, customers can return it
      • It is really trustworthy
    • Price is lowest
      • The price is generally 1/3 less than the market place 
      • I am a bargain shopper, so low price is very attractive 
    • Delivery is speedy
      • Once you place an order, your item will be delivered within 24 hours
      • Personally, I cannot even feel the difference between shopping online and at a real store 
    • Provide cash-on-deliver service
      • Once you are sure that the quality is what they have promised, then you can pay the money 
      • So, I don’t have to waste time travelling to shops and carrying purchases home 
    • Shipping is totally free
      • Traditionally, I need to pay extra for the postage when I shop at a store
      • It is really a money saver
    • Return policy
      • For any dissatisfaction, your order can be refunded without any fuss
      • For clothes or other non-standard stuff, I may have a second chance to pick up
    • Provide home installation service
      • Professionals can get everything done for me
      • I don’t have to worry about those technical issues 
  • The shopping atmosphere is pretty soothing, and even the background music boosts my shopping appetite
  • The services are superb
    • Shop assistants are hospitable
    • Your purchases are gift-wrapped 
    • I find it pleasant and convenient whenever I want to offer a gift to sb as they can have it as their own preference 

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