Từ vựng topic Science IELTS

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I. Từ vựng topic Science IELTS WRITING

  • government funding for education should give preference to science-based subjects over others, in an attempt to help boost a country’s future development and progress
  • an increase in scientific developments can have many benefits to national progress
  • science is the primary contributor.
  • the advent of modern science has brought with it a number of improvements to the way that countries and societies function
  • increases in electrical and computer based technologies have led to much more streamlined and efficient workplaces
  • Computers and computerized machinery can now do the work of what would have previously been carried out by humans, allowing greater efficiency and higher productivity output.
  • Drugs should not be tested on animals because there are many possible side effects.
  • Scientists are conducting experiments to test the effectiveness of the new drug
  • Japan is a very high-tech country. Everyone has all the latest electronic gadgets
  • Another benefit that modern science has granted is the development of renewable energy. 
  • Sources of renewable energy, such as solar and wind generated power, are beginning to help ease the planet’s reliance on fossil fuels.
  • an increase in scientific education and development must not be the main measure of a country’s progress.
  • most countries would benefit greater from a more well-rounded education, with emphasis on all disciplines, not only that of science.
  • tickle my fancy = arouse my interest
  • I would always struggle to get a grasp on those scientific ideas
  • I’m pretty clueless when it comes to science subjects
  • most people would find chemicals symbols/formulas and equations incredibly confusing and frustrations to learn.
  • It’s also challenging to comprehend numerous complex theories in Physics
  • progress and development in science is so rapid that the things you learn are often quickly outdated and replaced with different rules

II. Từ vựng topic Science IELTS SPEAKING

  • the content is very accessible, comprehensive and not heavily scientific
  • figure out some basic calculations on a daily basis
  • it has provided me a strong foundation of knowledge about the surrounding environment and our beautiful Universe.
  • One thing that has stuck with me all these years is the chemical elements and their symbols on the periodic table, but unfortunately, I’ve never needed to apply that knowledge in a practical way.
  • the concepts and theories I learn in Science are so intriguing and complex
  • Science subjects require us to do a large number of assignments which is quite overwhelming
  • Whenever I face with any difficulties, I will ask for advice from other friends or my teacher
  • the study of many other disciplines of education can also attribute to a countries progress.
  • Subjects such as History and Philosophy have allowed us to gain a better understanding of humanity and can help to gain more insight into how we can move forward as a race.
  • Other subjects such as the Arts, allow societies and individuals to express themselves creatively through mediums such as music, film and other art forms
  • this can also help to improve the quality of people’s lives and therefore help towards a countries overall development.
  • although developments in science have led to many beneficial advantages for most countries, science alone is not the key contributor to a country’s progress.
  • I am not really a science lover because I am much more into art subjects. That being said, psychology always tickles my fancy due to its intriguing nature and its useful applications in the real world

  • My marketing major required us to learn some small subjects related to psychology such as consumer behaviour or psychological pricing

  • I was absolutely fascinated by its engrossing explanation about human thoughts

  • The thing that attracts me enormously about psychology is that we can apply and see it in our day to day life more than other complicated sciences

  • Psychology helps us to broaden the limits of our empathy towards people

  • We will gain a deep understanding about criminal actions and the reasons for their behaviour

  • Help people deal with daily psychological problems and make them better and happier
  • Have a general knowledge about sth
  • Help sb be more successful in any relationship in life and more compassionate as a person
  • With the logical thinking from Physics, I could see things from different perspectives and care about every variable
  • I started to know how the engines were run, how things happened. I could explain some common phenomenon, such as why there are storms and why we always see lightning before we hear the thunder’s sound.
  • It has helped me to explain those things and build my logical thinking.
  • The nature is very appealing, and Physics somehow just taps into my interest.
  • it helps me to observe the world with the different eyes
  • those advancements will facilitate human’s work tremendously and make our life more convenient. 
  • With such a rapid growth of technology, I believe we’ll receive the benefits soon. 
  • Life then will be much easier.
  • help us to manage our day-to-day life better
  • Although science can bring us certain conveniences in terms of time management and work efficiency, relying on scientific advancements too much may result in us being lazy and less flexible.
  •  it upgrades our standard of living and makes our lives even more enjoyable

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