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I. Từ vựng topic Gender Equality

Từ vựng topic Gender Equality mà IELTS TUTOR đã tổng hợp, chắc chắn sẽ bổ sung thêm từ vựng cho bài Maternity leave này

II. Từ vựng topic Maternity leave

  • Small companies are not able to afford to pay women for maternity leave
  • Companies will need to find a temporary replacement for the work, which might not be easy
  • When mothers return to work, they will not be up-to-date with recent developments in the company
  • Maternity leave has gradually been considered as a righteous measure for the welfare of female employees
  • women working in almost all sectors are entitled to take maternity leave from their work
  • a long period of absence from the work place may affect the career prospects of the women employees
  • Since the leave may be from six months to one year or more, women who remain away from work for such a long period might miss the chances of promotions and career progression. 
  • the employer may find such an arrangement problematic since they have to recruit new staff to stand in for the women going on maternity leave.
  • long leave with full pay for childbirth would help them avoid the stress and strain of commuting to work every day while pregnant or immediately after giving birth. 
  • The first few months are crucial for the baby’s physical psychological health, and the mother can provide better attention and care to the child only when she stays away from work
  • The provision of maternity leave can cause some issues for the employer in terms of daily operations and human resource management
  • Women will be able to enjoy time with their newborn baby without financial concerns 
  • In cases of unpaid maternity leave, there may be financial strain on the households.
  • Maternity leave means that female employees are taking day-offs with pay for a few months, and during this period of time, the company needs to either get their colleagues to fill in for them or hire new employees to ensure the daily operations are not impaired.
  •  if a female employee can have 3 months for her maternity break, and there are 5 people having their breaks for maternity reasons, the company may suffer a crisis of human resource, and the daily operations of this company can be severely impaired. 
  • the provision of maternity leave does impact the operations of the company negatively.
  • maternity leave reflects how the modern society emphasises on the well-being of women.
  • The whole society has obtained a better understanding of the importance for women to have maternity breaks
  • having a break from work can be conducive for the physical health of new mothers
  • the mother’s presence is crucial for the emotional and physical development of the baby. 
  • Since children are the future of any nation, ensuring their normal growth and development is of paramount importance for any country. 
  • maternity break is crucial for the well-being of both mothers and babies.
  • maternity leave is proven to be beneficial for both mothers and their infants, and hence, the advantages of offering maternity leave outweigh the disadvantages.
  • the future of the world rests largely in the hands of the generation we are rearing
  • Mothers are the front line childcare providers and therefore, if they are given maternity leave, they can do their job better
  • if the mother does not get a paid maternity leave, then she has to go back to job earlier, and this affects the childcare
  • maternity leave is beneficial for the mother herself. 
  • a woman has to go with very stressful time physically, emotionally, and financially during pregnancy period. 
  •  if women are allowed maternity leave, they can look after their health.
  • Where maternity leave is not allowed, the woman has to leave her job 
  • The fear of losing the job altogether makes many women apprehensive
  • they get back to work at the cost of their health and their child’s health.
  • A long maternity leave may be an obstacle for career progression.

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