Từ vựng topic "quietness" IELTS

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I. Từ vựng các topic liên quan

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II. Từ vựng topic "quietness" IELTS

  • Some people are extroverts and enjoy crowded places as well as the exciting atmosphere. Others, on the other hand, might be afraid of quiet places because the lack of noise makes them feel lonely, which may lead to negative thoughts.
  • library or cafe will more likely pop up in our mind when we are asked to name a quiet place
  • Different places, like cafes or temples, are quiet because visitors respect others and keep silent as common courtesy. 
  • Some people find the absence of sound a perfect opportunity to focus on their work or study. That’s why libraries often become a popular hang-out spot before final exams. 
  • Some introverted people love spending time in quiet cafes or parks where the tempo of life has slowed down a bit since these places give them great peace of mind.
  • Some places require people to remain silent, such as the library. 
  • some places are simply not usually surrounded by people, like most parks and gardens in the morning
  • Be crammed into a confide space: chen chúc trong một không gian chật hẹp
  • Awkward silence: sự im lặng ngượng ngùng
  • Whenever I go to their homes, there is no noise of traffic, and you can hear the chirping of the birds and the rustling of leaves, which is very soothing to the ears.
  • Soundproof: cách âm
  • I’ve got used to some amount of noise around me

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