Từ vựng topic "promise"

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Hôm trước, IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn em từng bước cách làm IELTS READING dạng bài Fill in the gap (có cho sẵn options), hôm nay IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Từ vựng topic "promise"

I. Từ vựng các topic liên quan

1. Cách dùng từ "guarantee"

IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp Cách dùng từ "guarantee"

2. Từ vựng topic Borrowing or lending


I. Từ vựng topic promise

  •  to reward their child for an excellent performance or other accomplishments
  •  if the kid completes all his or her homework, he or she will be allowed to play computer games. 
  • when parents promise to accommodate their children’s requests such as buying a new toy, keeping a pet or going to the amusement park at the weekend. 
  • Toddlers and pre-schoolers tend to be unreasonably demanding, so making promises like these might be just a convenient way to comfort them or to stop their temper tantrums.
  • If they fail to set a good example, their children might just follow suit and do not take their sayings seriously. This might get them into trouble later in life because they would be considered as unreliable. 
  • when adults keep breaking their promises, kids would feel frustrated and become cynical, which can be truly detrimental to their mental well-being and moral development.
  • Honouring every word they’ve said is an obligation and a sign of trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. These virtues can be of paramount importance to their future success and happiness.
  •  if children get rewards for simply being a good person, they might get accustomed to this and only do so for something in return. 
  • Turning kids into self-centred or egocentric individuals is obviously the worst outcome of parenting.

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