Từ vựng topic Borrowing or lending IELTS SPEAKING PART 1

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Bên cạnh phân tích thêm các đề thi IELTS Writing thật đã được ra thi, và có học sinh của IELTS TUTOR tham dự, IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp Từ vựng topic Borrowing or lending IELTS SPEAKING PART 1

  • consider carefully 
  • I was very interested in those subjects but I didn’t have any related books
  • it is people’s responsibility to buy their own things and should not always borrow things from others.
  • If someone failed to return my belongings without any reason, I would feel disappointed and even angry at them, since they don’t respect promises.
  • unavoidable circumstances
  • pay unexpected expenses, such as an unexpected bill 
  • Manage my personal finances well 
  • exchange books with them
  • low-cost objects like pens, food, stationery and household tools 
  • lend sth out: cho mượn
  • pricey products = valuable possessions such as laptops, cameras, motorcycles or even cars
  • Vietnamese people in general are super kind and generous to those they are close to
  • Money is also commonly borrowed, especially among family and friends
  • never lend out expensive stuff to irresponsible people
  • gave me a proper explanation
  • Maybe they are dead broke or too desperate but at least they should be honest about their situation rather than running away with others belongings.
  • For an item people only touch few times in their life, they are much better off borrowing it from others. However, for stuffs used on a regular basis like every day or every week, it makes sense to buy them instead. Also, it doesn’t feel good to ask people over and over to borrow the same things.
  • show respect to others
  • whenever my friends are throwing an event, they would ask to borrow my camera to take photos and videos of the event for marketing purposes.
  • When people are in need of something and you have that thing but are not using it, you can help them out by letting them use it temporarily. 
  • Having said that, sometimes people are not very careful with things that are not their own, so lending things to others can be quite risky.
  • life is a give and take game
  • sharing things is a good way to get connected
  • By lending stuffs to people, I would be more comfortable asking to borrow other items from them
  • help those in need.
  • it would cause trouble for both sides or even worse lead to a fierce argument which might put an end to their relationship.
  • in case of emergency and especially for items of little value such as a pen or a piece of paper, I suppose it’s fine to just use them and tell the owners later
  • It’s thus crucial to set out a specific returning time, kind of a deadline for borrowing in the first place.
  • music could be easily downloaded for free
  • Expensive possessions such as computers and cars are subject to costly damages
  • The governments should also be more active in enforcing laws on intellectual and personal property rights.
  • raise public awareness on this issue and encourage individuals to take initiatives

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