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  • Good health is essential to every person, so medical services should not be run by profit-making companies 
  • More money has to be spent on road systems
  • Many countries have spent vast sums of money on armament for the sake of self-defence
  • It is a moral obligation for developed countries to provide international aid to developing countries while others worry that the aid might possibly be misused by the governments of the poor countries and cannot actually help the poor people to improve their living standard
  • Rich countries should help the poor countries by giving money directly
  • There are other more effective forms of international aid 
  • What the poor countries need most is not financial aid or loans, but advanced technologies and talents in some key areas
  • Implement
  • Supervise
  • State-owned (adj) thuộc sở hữu nhà nước
  • Prioritise (v) ưu tiên cho
  • Tax revenue 
  • Enact law 
  • Welfare system 
  • Public service: dịch vụ công
  • Affordable house: nhà phải chăng
  • Health care service
  • Impose censorship on: ban hành kiểm duyệt
  • Non-profit organisation
  • Compat corruption
  • Brigde the gap between the rich and the poor
  • Create job opportunities 
  • Improve the quality of service
  • Ensure social equality
  • government money = public money = national budgets = state budgets = government funding
  • spend money on … 
  • a huge amount of money = millions of dollars
  • a waste of the budget = a waste of public money = money-wasting: phí tiền
  • to provide financial support for = to offer financial assistance to = give money to: hỗ trợ tài chính cho…
  • financial resources: các nguồn lực tài chính
  • to support people who are living in poverty: hỗ trợ người nghèo
  • help from the state = government help: sự giúp đỡ từ chính phủ
  • government support for… = government funding for…: sự hỗ trợ của chính phủ cho…
  • Advanced technologies and science are driving force behind the rich nations
  • Hi-tech products, innovations and good management can greatly improve the productivity of whole society and, hence, the wealth is accumulated at a high speed
  • To help the poor, we had better give them tools of making a fortune
  • The developed countries can not only send expert teams to poor nations to build roads, dams, factories and other infrastructures, but train talents and experts for them
  • The rich countries can provide scholarships or financial help to the students from the poor regions, which some famous western universities are actually doing
  • To deliver help = provide more efficient help
  • Provide aid in form of money
  • Money definitely can help the country out of many urgent problems
  • The money will be spent in proper ways
  • If financial aid is offered, we have to make sure that the money is being spent on what people really need and not on filling the pockets of corrupt politicians 

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