Từ vựng thường dùng topic Recycling IELTS SPEAKING PART 1

· Speaking
  • the best thing the government can do in this regard is make it easy for its citizens to recycle
  • supplying regular recycling collection, and bins for recyclable waste on every corner of its cities
  • Recycling contributes massively towards protecting the environment by minimising pollution
  • reusing certain materials eliminates the need to plunder the earth’s precious natural resources such as forests and the oceans
  • establish a clean and healthy world
  • The division of garbage into organic versus non-organic, or paper/can & bottle/glass/waste categories
  • Many families just throw away all they consider waste in one or several plastic bags.
  • categorize throw-aways into garbage
  •  recycling items
  • heighten public awareness = education is also a huge factor is encouraging people to recycle = younger people grow up with the knowledge of how fundamental it is to protect the environment >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý các từ vựng về recycling nói riêng và topic environment nói chung là rất thường ra thi không những trong IELTS SPEAKING mà còn IELTS WRITING 
  • improve the effectiveness of plastics collection
  • recycling activities
  • recycling waste materials is a widely practised routine for most people
  • government is fairly active in promoting recycling
  • making significant progress
  • recycling is not well supported by the government
  • it’s not easy to recycle because the infrastructure needed, such as recyclingfactories, is not currently in place. 
  • All kinds of materials can be recycled. The most common of course are plastic, paper, glass, and metals such as aluminium and steel.
  • I recycle plastic, metal, cardboard and paper

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