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  • the requirement of a more competitive profile and the determination to support financially disadvantaged countries are the two principal elements that make young people join a wide range of voluntary activities. 
  • both the volunteers and the community are the beneficiaries of the practice above.
  • There has been an ongoing trend of many young people from prosperous nations deciding to spend their time doing voluntary work in underprivileged countries. 
  •  doing such unpaid work in poor countries would be a comparative advantage for the young when applying for a job in the future.
  • in this fierce and competitive job market, a candidate possessing an application file accompanied by only great scores could not be the ideal one that a recruiter is finding; therefore, he or she needs outstanding volunteering experience to be able to compete with other rivals. 
  • young generations could engender the feeling of community when participating in unpaid work. 
  • Their voluntary efforts help to give prominence to the value of sharing and the sense of social responsibility to secure improved humanity and international awareness about disadvantaged places.
  • Regarding the young, it is apparent that the aforementioned meaningful work not only brings the volunteers unforgettable life lessons, gives them hands–on experience but also helps expand their network of relationships. 
  • they gradually grow more mature and confident, realizing the diversity of life by getting to know many walks of people. 
  • In regard to poorer countries, they may have a chance to raise the living standards of their dwellers. 
  • knowledge related to environmental protection or health care which they have acquired from overseas volunteers possibly improves their living conditions afterwards.
  • It is true that a growing number of young people from affluent countries are doing temporary jobs without payment in less wealthy countries. 
  • the youth in rich nations tend to do unpaid work in less affluent countries 
  • The emergence of low-cost airlines allows young individuals who are on a tight budget to travel to remote corners of the world. 
  • For example, having a voluntary foreign English teacher in ...., a mountainous area in ...., used to be far-fetched several decades ago, but cheap carriers such as Tiger Airlines and Jetstar Airlines have made it happen
  • Another reason is the spread of information. 
  • The development of technology has brought images and the living condition of poor communities to the richer world, which creates an urge for the young to take action. 
  • Many graduates decide to take a year out to help these inhabitants of poverty-stricken countries partly because of the television programs and the news they watch and read.
  • young people can experience the life of indigenous people, gain hands-on experience and enjoy the breathtaking view of the places where they work. 
  • They may then come back to their normal life and decide on the career path that they want to pursue. 
  • people in poor countries might benefit from the work of young citizens from rich nations. 
  • Knowledge received can have lasting effects on the locals’ future, while housing built will provide a better living condition than before.
  • short trips to less developed nations to aid the local communities bring about a great deal of rewarding experience 
  • when young people from wealthy nations visit underprivileged regions in Vietnam such as …province, they can have profound understanding of the misery and hardship of the impoverished
  • This therefore fosters a great sense of humanity and altruism. 
  • this situation is linked to the fact that young people want their resume to be polished by getting involved in social activities such as teaching or providing accommodation for the poor.
  • Obtaining new experiences and possessing a clear advantage in applying for jobs, those people are more likely to develop spiritually and to succeed in future career. 
  •  the local community can have a chance to heighten social living standards even though the impact of such a practice can be relatively small and, in most cases, temporary.
  • the young from first world countries move to underdeveloped ones to do unpaid work in order to gain new experience and enhance future employment. It seems that both volunteers and the area that receives help can gain some certain values.
  • various factors contribute to the influx of young volunteers to poor communities. 
  • this is beneficial to both these young people and the community as a whole. 
  • volunteer tourism has become very popular among the youth from the developed countries. 
  • They travel to the developing and under-developed nations to contribute towards the development of the infrastructure or to educate and aware people
  • the spread of awareness and information by the digital and other forms of media, which connects us to the events all over the world. 
  • There is news about natural calamities and other emergency situations from all over the world, which makes the youth, want to help the needy and lend a helping hand to the local authorities. 
  • in most developed countries, it is a part of the education to sensitize the students towards the importance of sharing and helping others, as this helps them to become better citizens.
  • This development has benefits for both the youth volunteers and the people they are serving. 
  • For the youth, volunteer work adds to their work experience and gives them an opportunity to put to work the skills they have learned at school and college. 
  • These days even the employers look for employees who have a volunteer work experience. 
  • the youth can get better jobs if they have a good background of some social work. 
  • they get more exposure because of the travel to other countries and coming in contact with people from different cultures and social strata. It broadens their horizons.
  • The communities these youth volunteers work in are definitely benefited, as their standards of living are improved, with the development of the homes and other infrastructure. 
  • In times of calamities and other natural disasters, the volunteer workers help rebuild their homes and other facilities. 
  • The education provided by them helps them to gain knowledge and makes their future brighter. 
  • It improves their chances of getting a better job, which in turn improves their quality of life.

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