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I. Kiến thức liên quan

II. Từ vựng topic "modern building


  • prohibitive (adj) (giá cả) quá cao
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • This building also leases office spaces, but the rent is prohibitive because of the location and the view
  • breath-taking (adj) (thường để mô tả cảnh vật) khiến ai nghẹt thở
  • to splurge on: vung tiền, đổ tiền vào tiêu
  • extravagant (adj) xa hoa, đắt đỏ
  • to feel up to doing sth: muốn làm gì
  • to hit the bar (phrase) vào quán bar
  • stunning (adj) tuyệt vời, ấn tượng
  • approach 
  • spectacular 
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • The most interesting thing about the ... Tower is that there is a bar/restaurant on the 23rd floor which has spectacular views of the city; it's definitely the best vantage point in ... because there are no walls, only huge windows, so you can look out over the city in any direction.
  • easy to find
  • iconic (adj) kinh điển
  • landmark (n) cột mốc, dấu mốc
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • Since its completion in 2010, this building has been ranked the tallest building in town and has gradually become a landmark of the city due to its unique shape, which really resembles Vietnam’s national flower – the Lotus
      • It has become a famous landmark in the city. 
  • to resemble sth: giống cái gì
  • to stands out from sth: nổi bật (so với cái gì)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • Given its distinctive design, this building really stands out from all the buildings in town. As you approach the heart of Saigon, you can easily see it from far away.
      • It's just a huge glass tower, but it definitely stands out. 
  • the heart of Saigon: trung tâm Sài Gòn
  • to be located on: tại địa điểm
  • headquarter (n) trụ sở chính
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • Many financial institutions like banks, auditing firms have headquarters here inside this building
  • touristry area (n) khu du lịch
  • to be frequented by: thường được ghé thăm bởi
  • vibrant (adj) rực rỡ
  • experience /admire the view 
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • I'd recommend anyone who visits Da Nang to go there and experience the view.
  • hectic stream of people: dòng người nhộn nhịp
  • to serve (a purpose): phục vụ (mục đích)
  • to house: cung cấp địa điểm cho
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • it’s a shopping mall that houses a bunch of high-end stores.
  • chic clothing, flashy sneakers (n) quần áo cá tính, giày thể thao sáng lóa
  • steep (adj) mắc, đắt
  • to lease: cho thuê
  • desirable (adj) 
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • The bottom half of the tower is the hotel and the top half is apartments which are expensive because the location and views make them very desirable.

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