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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn thêm cách phân tích cũng như bài sửa kĩ càng của học sinh IELTS TUTOR đã đi thi ngày 22/8 nhé, IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Từ vựng topic "Headphones" IELTS

IELTS TUTOR cung cấp Từ vựng topic "mobile phone"

  • Wired: có dây
    • I have wired, studio-quality over-ear headphones to cater to the need for high-fidelity music. I also have true wireless earbuds when I’m on holiday.
  • Over-ear: chụp tai (tai nghe)
  • I really enjoy the sound of music on headphones. 
  • Today technology has developed rapidly, and headphones have improved a lot in recent years with novel technologies like wireless connection or active noise-canceling technology
  • Cater to the need: phục vụ nhu cầu
  • I usually wear headphones when I am on public transportation, commuting to work, when I am in bed at night and when I want to listen to podcast or my favorite songs. I also use headphones when I am chatting on the phone sometimes. >> IELTS TUTOR cung cấp Từ vựng topic Transportation IELTS
  • High-fidelity: (nhạc) chất lượng cao, nhạc hi-fi
  • Go for a stroll: đi dạo
  • I use the standard headphones that came with my mobile phone.
  • Accident-prone: dễ bị tai nạn
    • I wouldn’t want to wear headphones when I’m in the middle of an offline meeting. I don’t use headphones when I commute either as I think listening to music when I’m riding might put me at risk of unwanted accidents
  • if you use headphones when you are in the company of other people that you have to, or want to interact with, that's a bit rude and not an adequate behaviour.

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