Từ vựng Topic"museum"IELTS

· Vocabulary

I. Từ vựng topic liên quan đến Museum

1. Từ vựng Topic Art / Drawing / Painting

2. Từ vựng IELTS topic HISTORY

II. Từ vựng & ideas topic Museum

1. Từ vựng topic museum


  • oil paintings: tranh sơn dầu = a picture painted in oil paint
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: I think I’m a big fan of oil paintings.
  • watercolours: tranh màu nước = paints that you mix with water, not oil, and use for painting pictures
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • He worked in watercolour, ink and crayon.
      • Most of her paintings were done in watercolours.
  • portraits: tranh chân dung = a painting, drawing or photograph of a person, especially of the head and shoulders
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • He had his portrait painted in uniform.
      • Vermeer's ‘Portrait of the artist in his studio’.
  • landscapes: tranh phong cảnh = everything you can see when you look across a large area of land, especially in the country
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:  The impact of farming on the natural landscape has increased greatly.
  • sculptures: điêu khắc = a work of art that is a solid figure or object made by carving or shaping wood, stone, clay, metal, etc.
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • She creates sculptures out of scrap materials.
      • Tombs remain the most important monumental sculpture of this period.
  • ancient artifacts: cổ vật = an object that is made by a person, especially something of historical or cultural interest
  • pottery: đồ gốm = pots, dishes, etc. made with clay that are baked in an oven, especially when they are made by hand>> IELTS TUTOR có hướng dẫn kĩ Hướng dẫn đề thi IELTS 21/11/2020 bài WRITING TASK 1 (map) về school library (kèm bài sửa cho HS đi thi)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: fragments of Iron Age pottery/the kilns in which the pottery is fired
  • modern art: nghệ thuật hiện đại = The collection starts with works from 1880. It opened in New York in 1939.
  • classical paintings: tranh cổ điển = widely accepted and used for a long time; traditional in style or idea
  • impressionist paintings: tranh theo trường phái ấn tượng = an artist who paints in the style of Impressionism
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: Impressionists such as Monet and Pissarro
  • Free admission: Vào cửa miễn phí = the act of accepting somebody into an institution, organization, etc.; the right to enter a place or to join an institution or organization
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: Free admission is not necessary in most cases.
  • Cloakroom: Phòng để áo mũ = a room in a public building where people can leave coats, bags, etc. for a time
  • archaeology (n): khảo cổ học = the study of cultures of the past, and of periods of history by examining the parts of buildings and objects found in the ground
  • Most museum in Vietnam stayed focused on the hostilites of the war or Ho Chi Minh Museum is viewed as the most reputable place to visit. It is anticipated that we would have a wealth of National History Museum in the long run.
  • To immerse in nature and history: hòa mình vào tự nhiên và lịch sử

    To make/bring something alive: làm cho gì đó trở nên sống động (VD: lịch sử)

  • Museums, from my perspective, plays a pivotal role in enlarging people’s awareness relating to arts and science. 
  • They are also beneficial for those who doing R&D and want to hone their skills within their field or area
  • I don't have much feeling to the arts or history. 
  • if I'm obliged to write the report for the teacher, I will make an attempt to pay a visit and strive to observe and analyze any details of objects in the museums to accomplish my essay.
  • masterpiece /ˈmɑːstəpiːs/: kiệt tác = a work of art such as a painting, film, book, etc. that is an excellent, or the best, example of the artist’s work
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • The museum houses several of his Cubist masterpieces.
      • Her work is a masterpiece of (= an excellent example of) simplicity.
  • curator (n): nhân viên bảo tàng = a person whose job is to be in charge of the objects or works of art in a museum or an art gallery, etc.
  • preservation (n): bảo tồn = the act of keeping something in its original state or in good condition
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: The council has placed a preservation order on the building.
  • to wander (around): đi dạo quanh = to walk slowly around or to a place, often without any particular sense of purpose or direction
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • She wandered aimlessly around the streets.
      • We wandered back towards the car.
      • The child was found wandering the streets alone.
  • visitor (n): khách tham quan
  • historical character (n): nhân vật lịch sử
  • exhibition = display (n): triển lãm, buổi trưng bày
  • work of art = artwork = piece (n): tác phẩm nghệ thuật
  • collection = gallery (n): bộ sưu tập
  • sculpture (n): bức tượng, bức điêu khắc
  • archaeology (n): khảo cổ học
  • archaeological work (n): tác phẩm khảo cổ
  • artefacts (n): đồ tạo tác
  • vibrant (adj): sống đống
  • interactive (adj): dễ tương tác

2. ideas topic museum

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Governments should improve museums and make them more interesting by holding more interactive exhibits and installing more multimedia and things that make learning more fun and engaging for younger people
  • museums play a crucial role in enhancing/enriching people’s knowledge about the world, arts and science. 
  • they are particularly useful for those who doing research and want to dive deeper into their field of study. 
  • museums always enhance visitors’s understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art. 
  • if you visit a history museum, you will surely have a greater appreciation and knowledge of history as well as its importance to understanding the present and anticipating the future.
  • the museums here are not interactive, attractive and engaging to me. 
  • There is a lot of museums in … some are about the local history, some are about war, and some featured a specific theme. 
  • Most of them are available for everyone, and these museums allow the residents and foreigners to get to know my country’s traditions, geography, historical figures or culture.
  • Some museums have interactive activities, so I may join them as well.
  • If I travel to a new city or country, I will always go to the nearest museum there because this is where I can absorb so much informative knowledge about the place and local people. 
  • to experience the exotic works of art. 
  • This museum has a vast collection of world art, exhibitions and artefacts and it is free to all visitors. 
  • Not so many (or: Oh, very few!) in comparison with other countries, especially the UK
  • The majority of museums in .... have a strong emphasis on military history or a particular significant figure such as Ho Chi Minh Museum. 
  • in the future, we could have Natural History Museums or Science Museums which are far/way more interesting
  • I myself find it’s really difficult to feel either enthusiastic or have any desire to visit unless I am obliged to be there to write a report. That was the case about 8 years ago when my school organised a field trip to  the Vietnam Military History Museum, and I had to submit an essay about what I learnt.
  • It was actually 3 years ago when I had a golden chance to visit the Museum of Ethnology to get a better grasp at the lives and cultures of the 54 ethic minority groups in Vietnam. I really had a whale of a time that day. I have to say that it is a truly amazing place (or: a must-see place) for any tourists visiting Vietnam. Currently, it’s ranked as one of the most extraordinary museums in Southeast Asia (SEA).
  • If I go on holiday to another city or town then I do enjoy visiting the regional or national museum there, but generally I don’t go to museums as a habit really.>> IELTS TUTOR có hướng dẫn kĩ PHÂN TÍCH ĐỀ THI THẬT TASK 1 (Complaint letter) NGÀY 04/8/2020 IELTS WRITING GENERAL MÁY TÍNH (kèm bài được sửa hs đi thi)
  • These kinds of things make learning about history and culture a lot more interesting and engaging, especially for younger people.

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