Từ vựng Topic Daily routine IELTS

· Vocabulary

1. Từ vựng topic Daily routines

1.1. Hoạt động buổi sáng

  • to wake up: tỉnh giấc
  • to get up: thức dậy
  • to wash my face: rửa mặt
  • to get dressed: thay đồ
  • to brush my teeth: đánh răng
  • to brush my hair: chải tóc
  • Press snooze button /pres snu:z ‘bʌtn/ nút báo thức

  • Make breakfast /meik ‘brekfəst/ làm bữa sáng

  • to comb my hair: chải đầu
  • Wash face /wɔʃ feis/ rửa mặt

    Have shower /hæv ‘ʃouə/: tắm vòi hoa sen

  • to leave home: rời nhà
  • to get to school /to arrive at school: đến trường
  • to start my lessons / school: học bài
  • to have a break: nghỉ giải lao

1.2. Hoạt động buổi chiều

  • to have lunch: ăn trưa
  • to play with my schoolmates: chơi với bạn
  • to do my homework : làm bài tập
  • to watch TV / the cartoons : xem tivi/ hoạt hình
  • to play videogames: chơi trò chơi videogames 
  • to play football / volleyball / basketball: đá bóng/ bóng chuyền / bóng rổ
  • to dance: nhảy múa
  • to come back home: về nhà

1.3. Hoạt động buổi tối

  •  to have a shower: tắm
  • to have dinner with my parents: ăn tối với bố mẹ
  • to read a book : đọc sách
  • to phone my friends : gọi điện thoại cho bạn
  • to send a text: nhắn tin
  • Take the rubbish out /teik  ðə ‘rʌbiʃ aut/ đi đổ rác
  • Meditation /,medi’teiʃn/ thiền định

    Set the alarm /set ðə ə’lɑ:m/ đặt chuông báo thức

  • to go to bed: đi ngủ
  • to go to sleep: đi ngủ

1.4. Các công việc trong bếp

  • to clear the table: lau bàn
  • to load dishes into the dishwasher: xếp bát đĩa vào máy rửa bát
  • to start the dishwasher: khởi động máy rửa bát
  • to wipe the table: lau bàn
  • to clean the stove: lau lò nướng
  • to clean the sink: lau cọ bồn rửa bát
  • to sweep the floor: quét nhà
  • to mop the floor: lau sàn nhà
  • to empty the dishwasher: lấy bát đĩa trong máy rửa bát ra
  • to put dishes into cupboards: xếp bát đĩa lên tủ bát
  • to prepare meals: chuẩn bị bữa ăn

1.5. Các công việc trong phòng ngủ

  • to tidy up the room: dọn phòng
  • to put away clean clothes: gấp quần áo sạch
  • to put dirty clothes in the linen basket: cho quần áo bẩn vào giỏ quần áo bẩn
  • to make the bed: dọn giường
  • to beat the rug: đập thảm, giũ thảm
  • to vacuum the floor: hút bụi sàn nhà
  • to dust furniture: lau bụi đồ gỗ

1.6. Các công việc trong phòng giặt đồ

  • to sort colors and whites: phân loại quần áo màu và quần áo trắng
  • to put clothes in the washing machine: cho quần áo vào máy giặt
  • to put clothes in the dryer: cho quần áo vào máy sấy
  • to fold clothes: gấp quần áo
  • to put away clothes: cất quần áo

1.7. Các công việc ngoài vườn

  • to water plants: tưới cây
  • to rake leaves: cời lá, cào lá khô
  • to mow the lawn: cắt cỏ
  • to paint the fence: sơn bờ rào
  • to weed the garden: nhỏ cỏ dại

1.8. Các công việc vặt trong nhà khác

  • to iron: là quần áo
  • to take out the dustbin: đổ rác
  • to clean the windows: lau chùi cửa sổ
  • to do the shopping: đi mua sắm
  • to feed pets: cho thú cưng ăn
  • to walk the dog: đưa chó đi dạo
  • to cook the dinner: nấu bữa tối
  • to set the table: dọn bàn ăn
  • to grocery shop: đi chợ
  • to wash the car: rửa xe
  • to dust the furniture: lau bụi đồ gỗ

2. Ideas topic Daily routines

  • it’s a daily struggle to peel myself out of bed
  • I wake up around 7:00am when my alarm goes off, and snooze for a few minutes. 
  • I usually press snooze button several times before I could get up
  • You should drink some warm water after wake up in the morning
  • Women usually take a lot time to get dressed before go to work.
  • I love doing  mediation more than doing exercise. I usually do meditation at 10 pm o’clock for 1 hour
  • The kids shout hooray when seeing farther coming home from work
  • IELTS TUTOR giải thích: ở đây có nghĩa là reo lên 
  • We feed our dog  3 times a day, and kids love to do it
  • When I finally roll out of bed, I take a shower, blend my daily smoothies, then I am out of the door. 
  • If it’s a non-working day, I’ll hit the gym, or I’ll just chat with my friend for a bit
  •  a day-off is quite different from the busy working day in every perspective. Sunday is a day to spend time with my family members and to meet friends and play with them in the evening. 
  •  I have a tight schedule at the university/ work on Monday.
  • I would like to get up earlier in the morning than I do now. Next, I would like to take up regular exercises in a gymnasium. Apart from that, I would like to leave office/ university early to walk in the park for an hour in the evening. 
  • Personally, my hands always seem to be tied (or I am always up to my neck at the moment)  = There’s not a specific part of the day where I can let my hair down = There’s always something that keeps me occupied
  • I love the feeling of putting my feet up after completing the tasks that needed to be done. 
  • I feel I can fully relax and have a clear mind whilst spending my quality time with my family.
  • Well, I am an early riser (= a morning person), so my day begins around 6.30 AM. 
  • The first thing in my mind is indulging in my morning coffee. 
  • I feel alive and can carry on with my day. 
  • Well, my day usually begins at 6.30 AM. After that, I have my morning work out and breakfast. Lunch time is usually falls at 12 PM. After lunch, the time at work seems to fly by.  I finish work at 5 PM, have dinner around 7 PM
  • Instead of waking up early, I tend to have a lie-in and stay cooped up in my warm blanket and watch the world goes by.
  •  I feel I have enough sleep overnight and fell full of beans in the morning. 
  • Days only appear to be the same and tedious when you don’t put energy and effort into things you do each day 
  • I am up to my ears in work most parts of the day
  • I have … to handle 
  • full of sunlight and fresh air
  • It revitalises my energy by giving me the chance to take gentle exercise and enjoy a brisk walk in the park
  • I am always in high spirits in the morning, feeling ready for a brand new day
  • Only at the weekends can I spare time to hang out with my best friends and family members, which without doubt breathes new life into my daily rigid routine
  • Most of my time is dedicated to studying and working
  • Take a quick nap
  • I play chess whenever I am free of classes 
  • A proper daily routine will assist you in arranging your activities in the most sensible way
  • Without a daily routine, one usually does things on impulse, which could reduce your work efficiency and productivity in the day
  • Those who are disorganized can benefit more from a daily routine 
  • Studying English in the evening till late 
  • Working at night is fairly demanding and exhausting
  • I don’t feel like my day is repetitive 
  • Broaden my outlook on life 
  • I also get a sufficient amount of free time after work if I want to see my friends or go shopping
  • Having a daily routine plays a vital/crucial role in my life.
  • I am very content with my routine at the moment. 
  • The only thing that gets on my nerves / stresses me out is the sheer volume of traffic I encounter on the way home on a daily basis. 

3. IELTS LISTENING topic morning routine

1. Who wakes up at 6?

A. John does

B. Sarah does

C. They both do

2. Who sometimes sleeps in?

A. John does

B. Sarah does

C. They both do

3. Sarah gets up at what time?

A. 6

B. 7


4. Who usually eats breakfast?

A. John does

B. Sarah does

C. They both do

5. Who usually has a different lunch every day?

A. John does

B. Sarah does

C. They both do

Đáp án: 1.A 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B

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