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1. Các cách paraphrase từ Relax

2. Từ vựng topic Relax

  • Let me tell you about my secret little spot that I often stop by whenever I want to have some “me” time or escape from the rat race
  • video game serves as an excellent stress reliever
  • my mom always labeled those mysterious gaming cafes as “place for bad kids” when I was young 
  • While some might relax by hanging out with their best buddies, others release all their stress simply by a quick power nap.
  • kids these days are offered more time for relaxation thanks to better living standards
  • life 20 years ago significantly differed from now, and children had to join the workforce at an early age; hence, relaxation was probably a luxury
  • modern technology averts people from being entertained as before

  • Entertainment helps people relieve their pressure from work and study. However, whilst recreational activities are getting increasingly diversified, many people unfortunately find that they cannot get entertained as much as they did in the past.

  • We enjoy our leisure times more than yesteryears, but the mode of entertainment is different, and the modern technology provide us with enormous options for leisure activities.

  • People still take pleasure in their modern leisure activities based on technology. This can be manifested from the mushroom growth of leisure centres such as amusement parks, spas, restaurants, hotels, and so forth

  • technology has brought revolutionary change in satellite culture, which in turn enables us to enjoy countless programmes on both the national and international channels

  • In the past, people usually were confined to limited activities such as having chat with friends, watching movie in the theatre, going out for a walk, and so forth.

  • leisure activities know no bounds, even we do not need to go out to be entertained.

  • with up-to-date computer graphics technology, some astonishing special effects are frequently shown in Hollywood movies, particularly in some science-fiction works
  • with the invention of the Internet, game lovers across the globe can explore the fun of online entertainment in a virtual world full of mystery and adventure.
  • it has changed the definition of leisure and the lifestyle of people, and has also given people more options for creativity.
  • Earlier, leisure meant going out and meeting people, playing outdoor games, going to cinema to watch movies and so on. However, today, leisure time is full of choices. 
  • We have so many things to do within the four walls of our house. 
  • We can watch countless programs on national and international channels; we can play online games; we can chat with friends and relatives in any corner of the world; we can do arm-chair tourism by which we can visit any historical place or museum sitting in our arm-chair. 
  • That is why perhaps it looks as if we people do not entertain ourselves as much as we used to in yesteryears.
  • Technology has, in fact, given us more time to enjoy but we can’t strike a balance between work and leisure.
  • We entertain ourselves more than earlier times, but the ways of entertainment are different and technology has given us more choices than before.
  • the overuse of modern technology has made life less entertaining than it could have been.
  • Unlike their predecessors who were constantly exploring life for inspiration and originality, today’s artists are confined to studios, relying on computerized processing and techniques for their work.
  • despite the mass production of popular songs and music, we rarely find a truly remarkable piece
  • Imagine again those childhood games we all have played such as “Hide and Seek” or “Drop the Handkerchief”. Simple as they may be, these activities offered us the real excitement of going outside and having fun with our friends. 
  • By contrast, nowadays, an increasing number of people are following a sedentary and isolated lifestyle due to the popularity of modern entertainment forms such as watching TV and playing video games
  • it is reasonable to assume that although modern technology has made our life easier and more comfortable, it takes away the real pleasure of creative entertainment.

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