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Từ vựng topic old people IELTS

· Vocabulary

Ngoài việc nhận thấy rất rất nhiều bạn học sinh, kể cả các bạn học sinh lớp IELTS WRITING ONLINE của IELTS TUTOR viết bài rất dài, chú ý đến lỗi này vì sẽ dẫn đến đi thi viết không kịp giờ nhé, hôm nay IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn và cung cấp kĩ càng ideas ý tưởng Từ vựng topic old people IELTS

1. Living with elderly people

  • Less room for parties and home events 
  • Old people might be talkative and wordy
  • They might interfere in your personal affairs
  • Their timetable may not be synchronised with your daily schedule, and you might be reluctant to make a change

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2. Attitudes towards old people

  • People in my country are highly respectful of their elders (hoặc There is a deep-rooted sense of respect for age and experience in this country)
    • Supporting idea: 
      • Old people are held in high regard because people recognize that their long lives give them wisdom and experience. 
      • If someone has a problem they need advice about, they will almost certainly talk to an elderly person.
    • Example: 
      • It is not uncommon for people to offer their seats to older people on the bus or train, or to help them with their shopping. 
      • When eating, one always lets the oldest person begin eating first.

Các từ vựng & ideas khác IELTS TUTOR khuyến khích học:

  • be treated with respect and admiration
  • Elderly people have so much to offer young people in terms of their experience >> Lưu ý IN TERMS OF là cấu trúc rất hay gặp trong IELTS WRITING mà IELTS TUTOR có hướng dẫn

    • Young people can learn about their cultural heritage from older people who may have a closer connection to traditional customs.

    • Without this constant learning from older generations, many aspects of culture would be lost.

    • Elderly people can teach the young is how to get by in life and make the most of their opportunities.

      • They have already gone through many of the same experiences young people will go through, and can give them advice based on their own experiences.

3. Responsibility for looking after old people

  • Hopefully, old people are looked after by their children
    • they raised their children and brought them up, so the children should repay their parents by taking care of them when they are old
    • It’s very important for family members to provide their elderly relatives with material needs and comfort, such as warm and safe housing and good food. (continue to show their love and affection)
  • They sometimes stay in an old people’s home where they can live in a community of other people their age
    • not all old people have families or families that are willing to care for them
    • The main problem with these homes is that they may be very expensive, and the quality of care varies dramatically.

Các từ vựng & ideas khác IELTS TUTOR khuyến khích học:

    • Some traditional values get ignored (Some people are so focused on the future and trying to make money that they forget their values)

    4. Old people in today's world

    • The main reason people live longer now than they did in the past is the improvements in diet and health
      • Easier to find healthy food and get access to medicine 
      • Improvements in technology mean that many illnesses that used to be fatal can now be treated safely and cheaply
      • Example: cholera caused by poor sanitary conditions are now cured thanks to vast improvement in infrastructure and general quality of life.
    • Old people in general can often feel cut-off from modern life because it is changing so quickly.
      • Many families are split up because it is easy to move around the country, so it can be easy to neglect older relatives
    • Nowadays in my country, there are some colleges that are exclusively for old people to attend. 
      • They exist to help them get an education if they didn’t have the opportunity to do so before. 
        • They also offer many practical courses so that older people can enjoy learning some new skills and use them to benefit other people. 
    • There are also many communities where older people can socialize and support each other
      • This allows them to make new friends who share similar interests and remain active and enjoy their old age

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