Từ vựng topic "work" IELTS SPEAKING

· Vocabulary

Bên cạnh hướng dẫn thêm cách phân tích cũng như bài sửa kĩ càng của học sinh IELTS TUTOR đã đi thi ngày 22/8 nhé, IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp từ vựng topic work IELTS SPEAKING

  • career /kə'riə/: nghề nghiệp
  • part-time /´pa:t¸taim/: bán thời gian
  • full-time: toàn thời gian
  • permanent /'pə:mənənt/: dài hạn
  • temporary /ˈtɛmpəˌrɛri/: tạm thời
  • holiday entitlement: chế độ ngày nghỉ được hưởng
  • sick pay: tiền lương ngày ốm
  • holiday pay: tiền lương ngày nghỉ
  • overtime /´ouvətaim/: ngoài giờ làm việc
  • to apply for a job: xin việc
  • to fire /'faiə/: sa thải
  • to get the sack (colloquial): bị sa thải
  • salary /ˈsæləri/: lương tháng
  • wages /weiʤs/: lương tuần
  • pension scheme / pension plan: chế độ lương hưu / kế hoạch lương hưu
  • health insurance: bảo hiểm y tế
  • working conditions: điều kiện làm việc
  • qualifications: bằng cấp
  • offer of employment: lời mời làm việc
  • to accept an offer: nhận lời mời làm việc
  • starting date: ngày bắt đầu
  • leaving date: ngày nghỉ việc
  • working hours: giờ làm việc
  • maternity leave: nghỉ thai sản
  • promotion /prə'mou∫n/: thăng chức
  • salary increase: tăng lương
  • training scheme: chế độ tập huấn
  • part-time education: đào tạo bán thời gian
  • travel expenses: chi phí đi lại
  • health and safety: sức khỏe và sự an toàn
  • boss /bɔs/: sếp
  • colleague /ˈkɒli:g/: đồng nghiệp
  • trainee /trei'ni:/: nhân viên tập sự
  • job description: mô tả công việc
  • department /di'pɑ:tmənt/: phòng ban
  • salary advance : tạm ứng lương
  • subsidize money : tiền trợ cấp
  • leave an unforgettable / deep impression on me : để lại ấn tượng sâu đậm
  • It gives me the chance to meet different people/ learn practical skills (communication/ problem-solving/ money management skills…) and experience/ travel to different places/ explore different cultures
  • I chose this job because I have a passion for …./ I’m really interested in ….
  • It gives me the chance to work from home, so I can have more time for my family. I don’t need to go to the office every day, which is great because I don’t want to waste hours getting stuck in traffic jams on the way to and from work
  • My job is great. I’ve learned an enormous amount over the past 2 years. I’ve learned how to deal with difficult customers more effectively/ how to manage my budget better/ how to work as a team/ how to make wiser decisions/ how to think more logically/ how to cope with stress more effectively/…
  •  It’s too demanding. I have to work at least 14 hours a day, which makes me stressed and exhausted
  • I have no passion for …, I chose it just because it allows me to work from home/ it’s quite flexible/ it’s secure/ my parents wanted me to pursue this career path
  • I don’t love what I’m doing. You know, going to the office every day, doing the same sequence of tasks over and over again, oh, it’s so boring. I’m thinking of quitting to switch to a job that is a bit more challenging and will make me more excited
  • It cannot secure me a stable income/ the paycheck barely covers my bills/ I’m underpaid and overworked
  • I feel like I’m unappreciated/ my work goes unnoticed
  • Profitable 
  • Personal interest
  • Flexible working hours
  • Self-employed
  • Low threshold investment (vốn đầu tư ban đầu)
  • Fast cost-recovery: hồi vốn nhanh 
  • Highly demanded: nhu cầu cao 
  • Promising market
  • Market analysis
  • Personal strengths
  • Profit model
  • Risk management
  • Target consumers 
  • Promotion opportunity 
  • Tranning sessions
  • Annual leave 
  • Welfare structure 
  • Working environment
  • Working location 
  • Working hours 
  • After a day’s back-breaking work, I really need relaxation
    • Back-breaking = laborious 
  • Office worker = clock / card puncher 

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