Từ vựng topic "advice" IELTS

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I. Từ vựng topic liên quan

1. Collocation thường gặp với từ "advice"

2. Từ vựng topic "encourage"

II. Từ vựng topic "advice" IELTS

  • offer their advice 
  •  I always take my parents’ advice and run with it
  • they tend to be a bit narrow-minded and lack self awareness
  • teachers seem to be in a better position to give them career advice. While parents spend more time on a personal level with children, they might not stay updated of the future job market and might push their kids into a dead-end job. Teachers tend to be more insightful and alert of social development, so their advices would probably be more relevant.
  • it would be risky for parents to advise their kids on job and career stuffs. They might not have sufficient knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines or not be fully aware of what’s going to be in high demand. Also, they tend to force their own will and preference on their children, which is usually undesirable and counter-productive.
  • Although their body and mind have not fully developed, teenagers always assume they’ve already grown up and try to act as an independent adult. They tend to have arguments with their parents more frequently and often ignore their advice. This is just a way to assert themselves.
  • people who are driven by a strong desire to help others and are also confident in their ability to do so
  • they would also need to be naturally empathetic and accustomed to working with all kinds of people from different social and cultural backgrounds. 
  • young people are able to give great advice, especially in subjects such as technology and social trends, that young people are generally more clued up on. 
  • I do value experience highly and so am probably more likely to listen to advice of older people who have more practical knowledge.  

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