Từ vựng topic "Government investment in the arts" IELTS

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1. Từ vựng topic Art / Drawing / Painting nói chung

2. Từ vựng topic "Government investment in the arts" IELTS

  • the government spends a large part of its budget not only on public services, but also the arts.
  • spending on the arts is a waste of money.
  • public services are the things such as hospitals, roads and schools, and these things determine the quality of life that most of us will have.
  • governments should invest more in public art in cities to boost the quality of life
  • it has little actual importance for the average citizen
  • public art beautifies a city. 
  • government bodies should focus more on urban issues that truly matter to their constituents.
  • cities that have invested heavily in public art, such as New York City, offer their residents a beautiful and inspiring home. 
  • A child who sees sculptures and murals working home will feel the city is a nicer place to live and workers passing by works of art will have some emotional relief from the demands of the day. 
  • This not only builds up the character of urban areas for local inhabitants and instills a sense of pride, but also attracts tourists and professional artists to the city, both of which contribute to a vibrant city.
  • public art has little quantifiable positive value. 
  • Most city-dwellers are too engrossed in their hectic schedules to notice public art. 
  • This art, therefore, means nothing to most locals, while also diverting an outsized share of a city’s budget. 
  • There are other more vital areas requiring development such as high-end infrastructure, well-rounded healthcare systems, and modern recreational facilities.
  • the public space used to house these works of art cannot be used for practical purposes including critical public facilities like restrooms, bus stops or parks
  • Those who rely on these other facilities will have more trouble finding them and their quality of life may be somewhat impacted by a preference for art.
  • spending money on arts is not very useful and that it should be directed elsewhere
  • arts are worth every penny that is spent on them.
  • Canada, USA, UK, Australia have art museums all over the country that exhibit ancient arts
  • the government puts an inconsiderable amount of effort to preserve the arts in the form of museums or craft exhibitions
  • arts are considered to be a great form of entertainment by several people in the country
  • Exhibitions and crafts display several creations like paintings, clay buildings, paper arts, and glass paintings.
  • Encouragement for arts from government improves the livelihood of thousands of people who base their career on arts. 
  • This proves beneficial both to people who work on arts and others who enjoy arts.
  • arts are financed properly in a variety of forms like museums, exhibitions, documentary films, craft expos, and so on.
  • this does not mean that the arts should be completely neglected
  • it is difficult for many arts institutions to generate much profit, so without some help from the government, many theatres and other such places may have to close.
  • governments should spend on the beautification of towns and cities through works of art, like statues and paintings
  • Art has always been an inseparable part of our lives as it helps us express ourselves and instills happy feelings in us. 
  • Putting up statues or sculptures in open areas, gives an opportunity to people to enjoy it and acts as a distraction from the monotony of everyday activities.
  • during tough times, people need some form of art to release tension through music, dance, painting, etc. 
  • Having sculptures, statues or murals in public places, gives an access to people from all strata’s of society to enjoy art and refresh their mind.
  • the funding of creative artists
  • money for art projects should come from both governments and other sources.
  • there are several new statues and sculptures in the docks area of the city, which has been redeveloped recently.
  • governments have more important concerns. 
  • state budgets need to be spent on education, healthcare, infrastructure and security, among other areas. 
  • These public services are vital for a country to function properly, whereas the work of creative artists, even in public places, is a luxury.
  • These artworks represent culture, heritage and history. 
  • They serve to educate people about the city, and act as landmarks or talking points for visitors and tourists.
  • Governments and local councils should pay creative artists to produce this kind of art, because without their funding our cities would be much less interesting and attractive.
  • installing statues in public places is not only a way to commemorate a famous historical figure, but also is an interesting way for children to learn about the history or the accomplishments of that person.
  • art cannot be separated from our lives and importance should be given to making a place more appealing, by installing works of art, like sculptures, statues and paintings in public places.
  • art should also not take a backseat and should be focused on to make the cities and the country more beautiful and attractive, for the residents and for those who visit
  • … has a rich culture and history and in most of the towns and cities there are statues of
  • famous persons or those depicting historical events
  • Another added advantage is that statues become a tourist attraction and people like to visit places, which have a rich history, art and culture. This helps the local business and thus, helps make the economy of the place better.
  • the arts also have an important impact on our quality of life. 
  • Many people get great pleasure in going to see music and theatre performances so it is important that the government assists such institutions so that they can continue to provide entertainment to the public.
  • there are clear benefits of ensuring a large amount of investment goes into public services as this influences the quality of life for nearly all of us.
  • if the government does not spend enough money on hospitals, the health of our society may decline
  • if not enough money is spent on schools, our children may not be properly educated
  • it will be the poor in our society that will be affected more if we do not spend enough on these things because they are the ones more dependent on such services

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