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I. Kiến thức liên quan

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II. Từ vựng topic GAME

1. Từ vựng về Nghiện Game


  • gaming addiction: Sự nghiện chơi game
  • fighting games: Game đối kháng
  • shooting games: bắn súng
  • leisure activity: Hoạt động giải trí
  • popular activity: hoạt động phổ biến
  • become obsessed with games: Bị ám ảnh bởi những trò chơi
  • psychological issues: Các vấn đề tâm lý
  • lead to disturbing results: Dẫn đến những kết quả đáng lo ngại
  • grave unforeseen consequences: Những hậu quả nghiêm trọng không thể lường trước
  • do sth in moderation: được chơi trong sự điều tiết/điều độ
  • Virtual life/world: cuộc sống ảo/ thế giới ảo
  • beat the boredom: Phản kháng lại sự nhàm chán

2. Từ vựng về Computer Games


  • Nowadays, many children spend the majority of their time playing computer games and hardly engage in any sport or exercise
  • most computer games these days are highly interactive and allow players to immerse in a complex storyline and control characters at their own will
  • Computer games can trigger the imagination and curiosity of children and encourage them to spend the whole day playing to discover all the story endings
  • The second reason for the popularity of computer games over sports is the sedentary lifestyle favoured by a large number of children, especially those living in big cities. Compared to sports, computer games are less physically demanding, and therefore draw much more attention from these lazy, inactive children.
  • computer games can have many detrimental effects on children
  • spending too much time on computer games without doing any physical exercise will reduce children’s calorie expenditure as they only sit at home and play games
  • Computer games can make children more prone to many health problems, such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases when they grow older. 
  • Playing games excessively also causes children to lose their communication skills.
  • it can be very difficult for game-addicted children to develop the ability to establish connections with others in real life which are normally developed through participation in team sports, like football or basketball.
  • playing computer games is becoming more popular than sports due to the interesting and interactive content, together with the low demand for physical strength
  • playing games on computers and other electronic devices enhances certain skills
  • playing games is a waste of time.
  • some people consider video games as a tool to sharpen some important skills
  • many games, such as science or puzzle games, stimulate young players’ brains and sensitivity, which gives those players an opportunity to cultivate their creativity and problem solving skills
  • Computer games require tremendous focus and extremely fast reflexes to complete stages in those games
  • With reflexes and concentration capability improved, players can demonstrate more effectively daily task which specifically require those enhanced skills.
  •  Young people are supposed to study properly either at school or at home, to which this form of entertainment is a grave detriment
    • Để hiểu được cấu trúc này cần nắm vững mệnh đề quan hệ mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn 
  • An excessive amount of time would be used for games if players are exposed to them on a frequent basis, which results in the reduction of time for study, which should be people’s top priority at their age.
  • Skills sharpened by computer and electronic games can also be acquired by a number of other healthy, educational and less timeconsuming options, such as reading books or participating in sport clubs.

3. Từ vựng về Games nói chung


  • Card: chơi bài/ deck of card: bộ bài
  • Chess: cờ; knight: quân mã; king: quân vua; queen: hậu; rook: quân xe; pawn: con tốt.
  • Dart: phi tiêu
  • Dart: mũi tiêu
  • Puzzle: trò ghép hình
  • Puzzle piece: mảnh ghép
  • Dice: súc sắc/ die: con súc sắc
  • Mandarin square capturing: Ô ăn quan
  • Tug of war: Kéo co
  • Bag jumping: Nhảy bao bố
  • Stilt walking: Đi cà kheo
  • Bamboo dancing: Nhảy sạp
  • Flying kite: Thả diều
  • Racing boat: Đua thuyền
  • Bamboo jacks: Chơi chuyền, banh đũa
  • Blind man's bluff: Bịt mắt mắt dê
  • Cat & mouse game: Mèo đuổi chuột
  • Chanting while sawing wood: Cò cưa kéo xẻ

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