Từ vựng topic "Congestion" IELTS

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1. Từ vựng Topic Transport

IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp từ vựng topic Transport

2. Từ vựng Topic Congestion

  • mitigating traffic congestion
  • the construction of larger roads is the answer for the problem
  • such a solution is ineffective in the long term, while the option to construct railways and subways is a far better measure
  • governmental spending on building larger roads could sustainably address the problem of traffic congestion. 
  • An increase in road size could reduce the traffic intensity in the short term, but larger roads also mean that the citizens are encouraged to purchase more individual vehicles.
  • both road and public transport systems have vital roles to play in modern society, and therefore should be equally invested in
  • better road quality increases the level of safety and reduces traffic congestion. 
  • In many cities and provinces in Vietnam for example, the number of road accidents is ever-increasing because there are a lot of holes on the road’s surface.
  • the government should spend money improving the quality of road systems in order to ensure the safety of people. 
  • money should be well-spent on not only road but also public transport systems.
  • for those who do not have a private vehicle, such as motorbike or car, buses and subways are a great choice if they have to travel every day.
  • better public transport systems are beneficial for the environment and people who do not have a private vehicle. 
  • In fact, some modes of public transport like subways produce less pollutants than cars and other private vehicles. Therefore, spending money providing people with access to public transport will improve air quality and reduce pollution.
  • building wider roads and more motorways in big cities like ...., where traffic congestion is still a major problem, will help to increase road capacity. 
  • It means that there will be more space for a larger number of vehicles, hence reducing pressure on the city’s main roads as well as congestion.
  • the roads, albeit larger, would soon be filled with intense traffic again
  • traffic jams returned to Shanghai’s main streets not long after they were expanded in the early 1990s
  • if this solution is implemented, traffic jams would still persist in the long run.
  • Rail and subway systems, however, could ensure that traffic congestion is properly addressed. 
  • Unlike cars and buses, trains are capable of transporting hundreds of people simultaneously and thus would meet the transport demand of a vast number of passengers
  • trains do not have to go through intersections and traffic lights, and dedicated lines ensure their travel is hardly interrupted
  • trains are always on time regardless of the level of traffic. 
  • This level of punctuality would encourage many people to choose railways and subways as their primary means of transport, and the number of individuals vehicles would decrease accordingly. 
  • traffic congestion could be tackled successfully
  • The existing data provides a concrete foundation to conclude that building more and larger roads in an unsustainable measure, while train and subway lines would be a much more effective solution for the problem of traffic congestion.

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