Cách dùng danh từ"unemployment"tiếng anh

· Noun

Bên cạnh Phân tích và sửa chi tiết đề thi IELTS SPEAKING 4/8/2020 [Audio+Transcript], IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Cách dùng danh từ"unemployment"tiếng anh

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II. Cách dùng danh từ"unemployment"

1."unemployment"là danh từ đếm được

2. Cách dùng

Mang nghĩa"sự thất nghiệp, tình trạng thất nghiệp; nạn thất nghiệp"

=a situation in which some people do not have work and do not have an income


  • an area of low/high unemployment 
  • unemployment figures/levels/statistics 
  • widespread/rising/growing unemployment 
  • unemployment rises/soars/climbs
  • unemployment falls/drops/decreases
  • level/rate of unemployment
  • rise/increase/decline in unemployment
  • reduce/cut/tackle unemployment
  • unemployment remains low/high/steady
  • high/low unemployment
  • unemployment rate/figures
  • a period/spell of unemployment

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • In the hardest hit areas, unemployment stands at around 14%. 
  • Youth unemployment among those between 16 and 19 remains high. 
  • The Office for National Statistics said the "claimant count" measure of unemployment dropped by 5,500 last month. 
  • In Arkansas, the state's unemployment rose from 4.1% in December to 4.3% in January. 
  • Unemployment is dropping fastest in the north of the country. 
  • Unofficial estimates put the level of unemployment in the region at around 10%. 
  • Further increases in unemployment are expected. 
  • Helping people out of poverty involves ensuring they have the right skills to compete in the labour market, as well as tackling unemployment. 
  • Fed forecasts are that unemployment will remain low at about 4.75%.
  • The community here has been devastated by poverty and unemployment. 
  • Unemployment rose last month to its highest level for over five years. 
  • a period of low unemployment and low inflation 
  • The unemployment rate fell to 4 per cent.
  • Unemployment breeds social unrest. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Thất nghiệp gây ra tình trạng xã hội không ổn định) 
  • Unemployment is quite high. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Số người thất nghiệp vẫn khá cao)
  • 300 workers face unemployment. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: 300 công nhân đứng trước tình trạng bị thất nghiệp)
  • ...an area that had the highest unemployment rate in the country. 
  • Unemployment is so damaging both to individuals and to communities.
  • If your contract is terminated, insist that your bosses give you a letter confirming that you can claim unemployment. 
  • Fear of unemployment is driving homeowners to trade down as a safety measure against the chance of tough times ahead. 
  • Periods of unemployment are an inevitable feature of modern working life. 
  • Welfare discrimination plunges thousands of young people into a cycle of homelessness, unemployment and poverty.

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