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Để tìm được từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa của 1 từ các em nhớ nắm cách tra từ điển mà IELTS TUTOR đã giới thiệu nhé, các từ có thể dùng thay thế cho cụm "AND SO ON" mà các bạn có thể tham khảo để dùng trong IELTS Speaking.

Ngoài ra, các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm Hướng dẫn từ A đến Z cách trả lời câu hỏi Describe Your Favorite Singer IELTS SPEAKING PART 2 mà IELTS TUTOR đã chia sẻ nhé!

and the like (phr./ adj)

Ví dụ: “Don't the allied forces keep each other informed of training sessions and the like?”

and so forth (phr./ adv)

Ví dụ: I find these parties dreadfully boring. Everyone only talks about how much money they make, how large their vacation homes are, and so forth.

and suchlike (adv)

Ví dụ: The flowers and turf, a wild strawberry, a rare butterfly, and suchlike little intimate things had become more interesting than mountains.

or suchlike (adv)

Ví dụ: The site of the Abbey was a druid grove or suchlike, a valuable endowment.

and the rest (adv)

Example: Lawless and the rest of the lads assumed he had just done several miles of road work.

more of the same (adv)

Ví dụ: He has produced a string of thrillers, and this movie is just more of the same.

and so on and so forth (adv)

Ví dụ: I find these parties dreadfully boring. The only thing anyone talks about is how much money they make, how large their vacation homes are, and so on and so forth.

etc. (etcetera)

Ví dụ: We saw lots of lions, tigers, elephants, etc.

for example/ such as/ like

Ví dụ: Waterbirds, such as the duck or the gull, are common in the area.

including (prep.)

Ví dụ: “Three other people, including Higginson, deny aiding and abetting corruption.”

for instance

Ví dụ: In the electronics industry, for instance, 5,000 jobs are being lost.

and all (adj)

Ví dụ: We can't afford eating out, since it's hard to find a baby sitter, they charge a lot, and all

Ngoài ra

Các bạn có thể tham khảo thêm danh sách dưới đây để làm phong phú thêm từ điển từ của mình để hỗ trợ trong IELTS Speaking:

1. and others (adv)

Ví dụ: He's always been clear that there are certain Republicans he likes, and others whom he has no time for.

2. and/ or similar things (adv)

Ví dụ: He said the life of humans had been made easy by the gods but that humans had lost sight of this through seeking after honeyed cakes, perfumes, and similar things.

3. Some kind/ sort/ type of

Ví dụ: I had a little Chihuahua named Carlos that had some kind of skin disease and was totally blind.

4. and more

Ví dụ: The air behind a warm front is generally warmer and more moist than the air ahead of it.

5. whatever

Ví dụ: That's a lot of money spent on gas and whatever amount can be saved definitely adds up over time.

6. along with others (adj)

Ví dụ: It's also about how they carry themselves and how they get along with others.

7. and on and on (adj)

Ví dụ: It went on and on and on, lulling, then thundering down again.

Hy vọng nó sẽ giúp ích cho các bạn trong phòng thi. Nếu có gì thắc mắc hay góp ý, bạn hãy để lại comment phía bên dưới, mình sẽ trả lời nhanh nhất khi có thể. Chúc bạn thành công !

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