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1. Từ vựng topic Sports

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2. Từ vựng topic walking

  • Walking is my kind of thing
  • I actually try my best to arrange time to go for a leisurely stroll for at least one hour per day
  • enjoy fresh air
  • do some gentle exercises
  • It helps me relieve stress enormously and clear my head
  • I always take advantage of an opportunity to take a short walk for daily errands like buying some bits and bobs at the local markets and convenience stores.
  • to wander aimlessly with my friends
  • it’s a good opportunity to have a deep and meaningful conversation
  • walking with others can turn exercise into an enjoyable social occasion
  • …. is now facing an alarming level of air pollution which it’s even extremely dangerous if you are outside for a long time
  • When people walk, they exercises their muscles, and this helps their blood circulation improve
  • the other advantage is for pleasure when people love going to parks or even hiking into the mountains with friends or family.
  • I'm sightseeing in a new place.
  • it's important to be active
  • walking is the most basic physical activity that we can do
  • I like walking in the city, especially if it's somewhere with a lot of history like London or Paris
  • the main issues are space and safety. 
  • Pavements need to be wide enough to accommodate lots of pedestrians, and we need safe places to cross the street.
  • the pavements are almost entirely taken up with motorbikes and street vendors, so there’s literally nowhere to walk, except the parks. 
  • with the severe air pollution, walking is definitely not an enjoyable option, especially in big cities.
  • Most people also prefer to travel by motorbikes due to our narrowed roads and lack of space.
  • the scorching hot weather during summer. 
  • walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health
  • most people living a sedentary lifestyle don’t get benefits of regular exercise. 
  • increase cardiovascular fitness
  • strengthen bones
  • reduce excess body fat. 
  • It feels good to get outside when they have been stuck inside all day.

  • most Vietnamese cities are pretty walker-friendly

  • Parks or nice tree-lined streets would be a good way to start.

  • the best way to get people to walk more would be to build more places where people would enjoy walking.

  • People today have many more distractions that occupy time

  • walking does a lot of good for your mental health.

  • It provides a great escape from the working world, and gives the mind a good opportunity to just wander.

  • if measuring just physical health, sports are better for your body, but if you look at mental as well, they are equally good for your health.

  • when I can walk somewhere, it gives me a good opportunity to think about things and not feel stuck inside.

  • I get to feel the sun and the fresh air.

  • Walking does lots of things for your health

  • walking in parks gives people a taste of nature in a concrete world

  • the lack of people’s interest in the walking activity  

  • I always see people taking a stroll and looking pretty content

  • lots of Vietnamese people go for walks

  • I would wear my iPod and listen to music that fit the mood of the walk and weather

  • companies can offer some incentives such as free gym membership to the employees who use the stairs instead of the lift.

  • They can also hold a company event in form of a walking competition with prizes to promote the benefits of walking for health

  • some 3D painting artists can be hired to paint their eye-catching works of art on the walls and the stair cases, which may make people excited to use the stairs the next time

  • walking the stairs can be made a more enjoyable experience by adding some attractive decorations to them

  • it is less boring to train with and talk to other members at the gym.

  • they can use different exercising machines

  • walking for exercise can seem monotonous to many people because they have to repeat a series of actions every day

  • some technological applications which support traveling such as electric lifts and escalators are very common in public places.

  • These devices help people to move to the higher levels of a building more easily and quickly than using the stairs, so people would feel unnecessary to walk

  • the boredom of walking activity

  • the convenience of modern technology in traveling

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