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I. Từ vựng topic food

II. Từ vựng topic sugar-based drinks

  • Convenient but nutrient-poor meals: Những bữa ăn tiện lợi nhưng ít dinh dưỡng
  • To impose higher taxes on something: Đánh thuế cao hơn lên cái gì
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: A tax on such products might be an effective solution as people might think twice before buying a coke or a soda, for example
  • highly addictive ingredients / substances
  • have drinks = drink beverages / consume beverages 
  • reduce sugar-sweetened beverage intake = To refrain from using sugar-based drinks: Hạn chế sử dụng đồ uống có đường = discourage people from drinking sugary beverages
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: The highly addictive ingredients in these beverages are the major reason for this, and several measures can be implemented to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage intake.
  • To increase mental alertness: Tăng cường sự tỉnh táo
  • To maintain high concentration: Duy trì sự tập trung cao độ
  • the consumption of sugary drinks (Sự tiêu thụ của đồ uống có đường) has significantly increased = the rise in sugar-based drink consumption = more and more people are consuming such products
  • sugary drinks = sugar-sweetened beverages = sugar-based drinks = beverages with added sugar or other sweeteners = Soft or energy drinks: Nước ngọt hoặc đồ uống năng lượng (bò húc)
  • give people an instant energy boost = get an extra boost
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: such drinks provide extra energy, increase mental alertness and help consumers to maintain high concentration necessary for their work.
  • cause a drop in energy quickly after consumption
  • To follow healthy dietary guidelines and lifestyles: Theo lối sống và hướng dẫn về chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh
  • experience some common symptoms
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: 
      • sugar is so addictive that many people find it impossible to quit consuming soft drinks or other sugar-based beverages. Those who stop drinking beverages with added sugar or other sweeteners for a short period of time might experience some common symptoms, such as headaches, tiredness or poor concentration.
      • Another thing is that there should be more educational propagation campaigns that encourage people to follow healthy dietary guidelines and lifestyles and to refrain from using sugar-based drinks.
  • poor concentration
  • The dominance of fast food: Sự thống trị của đồ ăn nhanh
  • Sedentary lifestyles: Những lối sống ít vận động
  • healthy eating
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: the increased consumption of sugar-based drinks is linked to consumers’ lack of awareness and knowledge of a healthy diet and lifestyle as well as the dominance of fast food in the food industry
  • the health risks associated with
  • One’s lack of awareness and knowledge of a healthy diety and lifestyle: Sự thiếu nhận thức và kiến thức về một chế độ ăn uống và lối sống lành mạnh
  • The production and distribution of sugar-based drinks: Sự sản xuất và phân phối đồ uống có đường
  • Educational propagation campaigns: Những chiến dịch truyền thông mang tính giáo dục
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: Another measure would be to limit advertisements promoting sugar-sweetened drinks that are directly targeted at children and young people. Instead, there should be more programmes, billboards and posters that educate on healthy eating and the health risks associated with the excessive consumption of sugar-based beverages.

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