Từ vựng về consumer spending trong IELTS

· Vocabulary
  • While this is good for the economy, it hurts the environment because more resources are required to produce more goods. 
  • When mobile phones first became available in the market, they were ridiculously pricey and only the rich could afford to buy them.
  • In the long term, without quality products, customers will gradually lose their trust in those products’ manufacturers, which directly jeopardizes the economy.
  • In order to meet the enormous demand from buyers, companies have to expand their factories and accelerate their production process, which causes much harm to the surrounding due to their toxic waste and exhaust .
  • The development of technology combined with living in the city gives people the chance to purchase products at cheaper prices
  • Instead of spending a significant amount of monthly expenditure on clothes or basic necessities as they used to do in the previous years, consumers can now spare a larger proportion of their budget on important needs including better education and nutrition
  • The availability of low-priced products grants consumers more spending choices and boost overall consumption
  • Since products become more affordable and accessible, even low-income people now can purchase a certain range of consumer goods to satisfy their different needs. Thanks to this, people from all walks of life can enjoy sufficient living without paying much.
  • To save costs, manufactures may accept the usage of unsafe cheap chemicals and low-quality ingredients which undoubtedly affect customers’ health.
  • Mass production is also associated with worker exploitation and international outsourcing systems that render poor countries labour-intensive.
  • cost-effectiveness of this practice is not guaranteed since products of lower prices usually come with short shelf life and low quality
  • people’s access to cheaper products has its own good sides
  • buyers have a wider range of choices for more affordable commodities
  • customers now can enjoy inexpensive purchases of diverse types of goods, which is particularly favorable for the households with limited incomes
  • On the societal level, the affordability of consumer products promotes people’s purchasing power, which contributes to the development of the economy. It is common knowledge that the market’s demand for products increases when commodities’ exorbitant prices are reduced. 
  • People will be attracted to buying these products on a large scale, fostering the general prosperity of a country’s economy.
  •  As the goods’ prices are inexpensive and the quantity is huge to satisfy the market’s need, yet businesses still have to balance their capital and generate more profit, the quality of commodities might be taken for granted.

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