Cách dùng từ "buckle" tiếng anh

· Vocabulary

I. Dùng "buckle" như noun

Mang nghĩa "cái khoá cài (thắt lưng...)"

=a piece of metal at one end of a belt or strap, used to fasten the two ends together

II. Dùng "buckle" như verb

1. Mang nghĩa "cài khoá, thắt"

=to fasten or be fastened with a buckle

2. Mang nghĩa "oằn, làm oằn, làm lún"

=to bend something or become bent, often as a result of force, heat, or weakness

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • The intense heat from the fire had caused the factory roof to buckle. 
  • Both wheels on the bicycle had been badly buckled. 
  • I felt faint and my knees began to buckle.

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