Cách dùng động từ"introduce"tiếng anh

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Bên cạnh Phân tích và sửa chi tiết đề thi IELTS SPEAKING 4/8/2020 [Audio+Transcript], IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Cách dùng động từ"introduce"tiếng anh

I. Kiến thức liên quan

II. Cách dùng động từ"introduce"

1."introduce"là ngoại động từ

2. Cách dùng

2.1. Mang nghĩa"giới thiệu"


  • introduce someone to someone
  • introduce yourself

=to tell someone another person’s name when they meet for the first time

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Have you two been introduced? 
  • I would like to introduce you to my friend Martin. 
  • He introduced himself as (=said his name was) Major Desmond Morton.
  • Introduce yourselves. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Các bạn tự giới thiệu đi)

2.2. Mang nghĩa"đưa vào (phong tục.....), đưa ra đạo luật mới..."

=to bring something into existence or use for the first time/to start to use a new system, process, or law for the first time/to bring something such as a plant or animal into a country or environment for the first time​


  • introduce something to/into something
  • introduce a bill/measure

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Schools have been forced to introduce harsher disciplinary measures.
  • a recently introduced laptop computer
  • They intend to introduce legislation to prevent human cloning.
  • Be careful what other fish you introduce into the aquarium. 
  • Chocolate was introduced to Europe from Mexico.
  • He plans to introduce legislation that would set minimum standards for corporate disclosure in the US.

2.3. Mang nghĩa"bước đầu làm quen cho, khai tâm cho, vỡ lòng cho"

=to provide someone with a new experience, activity, or opportunity to learn something


  • introduce someone to something

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • She’s introducing the children to literature from Asian countries.

2.4. Mang nghĩa"mở đầu, giới thiệu diễn giả"

=to tell an audience about a programme, performer, performance etc that

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • they are going to see or hear It is my pleasure to introduce tonight’s speaker.
  • to introduce a lecture with an anecdote (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: mở đầu cuộc nói chuyện bằng một mẩu giai thoại)

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