Cách dùng động từ "explode" tiếng anh

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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn Bài sửa đề thi IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ngày 22/8/2020 của HS đi thi đạt 7.0, IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Cách dùng động từ "explode" tiếng anh

I. "explode" vừa là nội động từ, vừa là ngoại động từ

II. Cách dùng

1. Mang nghĩa "nổ"

=to break up into pieces violently / If an object such as a bomb explodes or if someone or something explodes it, it bursts loudly and with great force, often causing damage or injury


  • Với nghĩa này, explode vừa là ngoại động từ, vừa là nội động từ 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Bombs were exploding all over the city.
  • Terrorists have exploded bombs across the country.
  • Thunder exploded over the meadow.
  • The chemical is liable to explode on contact with water. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Hóa chất này có thể nổ khi tiếp xúc với nước)
  • They were clearing up when the second bomb exploded. 
  • A school bus was hit by gunfire which exploded the fuel tank.
  • A bomb exploded at one of the capital's busiest railway stations this morning. 
  • He was driving so fast that his car tyre exploded.

2. Mang nghĩa "nổi giận bùng bùng"

=to express strong emotions in a sudden, noisy, and often violent way


  • Với nghĩa này, explode là nội động từ
  • explode in/with
  • explode into

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • When I told Ian that Maggie had refused to come, he simply exploded. 
  • She suddenly exploded with rage, and stormed off. 
  • The room exploded into uproar when the fire alarm went off.
  • to explode with anger (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: nổi giận đùng đùng)
  • Do you fear that you'll burst into tears or explode with anger in front of her? 
  •  'What happened!' I exploded. 
  • George caught the look and decided that Bess had better leave before she exploded
  • "What on earth do you think you're doing?" she exploded (= said angrily). 
  • The children exploded into giggles (= suddenly started laughing uncontrollably).

3. Mang nghĩa "bùng nổ về số lượng, cường độ"

=to increase a lot in size, amount, or importance over a very short period of time / If something explodes, it increases suddenly and rapidly in number or intensity.


  • Với nghĩa này, explode là nội động từ 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • The increased availability of food has caused the deer population to explode. Investment in technology stocks exploded in the 1990s.
  • The population explodes to 40,000 during the tourist season. 
  • The increased availability of food has caused the bear population to explode. (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Lượng thức ăn có sẵn tăng đã gây ra bùng nổ số lượng gấu)
  • Investment by Japanese firms has exploded
  • The population has exploded in the last ten years.

4. Mang nghĩa "đập tan, làm tiêu tan (lý tưởng, ảo tưởng...)"

=If someone explodes a theory or myth, they prove that it is wrong or impossible / to show something to be wrong


  • Với nghĩa này, explode là ngoại động từ 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Scientists wanted to explode the myth of a monster living in the lake.
  • Electricity privatisation has exploded the myth of cheap nuclear power. 
  • Such rumours have only recently been exploded.
  • This book finally explodes some of the myths about the origin of the universe.

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