Từ vựng cho câu hỏi Describe your favourite subject IELTS SPEAKING

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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn rất kĩ cách lên giọng xuống giọng, nhấn âm trong tiếng anh, IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn kĩ thêm chuẩn bị từ vựng cho câu hỏi Describe your favourite subject IELTS SPEAKING, đây là câu hỏi thường xuyên gặp trong IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn kĩ

  • As a student I was never much keen on studying. I used to spend most of my time playing sports, but Literature was an exception that I learnt with a lot of interest
  • I regarded Literature to be my favourite subject because Literature has a familiar ring to me (quen thuộc), and I have read most of the stories and poems 
  • It was the only subject that I passed with flying colours at schools 
  • It helps me to open the door to many horizons = broaden my horizons 
  • I also have more employment opportunities after graduating
  • I have never regretted about majoring in English 

Từ Major là cực kì hay trong tiếng anh, nhớ đọc kĩ hướng dẫn từ Major mà IELTS TUTOR đã hướng dẫn

  • Vietnamese education is keeping up with our present life standard 
  • I don’t like the subject in which theoretical lessons dominate practical ones
  • My all-time favourite subject is ….
  • I still remember sth vividly 
  • To engage in sth 
  • I took courage to do sth: lấy hết can đảm làm gì 
  • Think outside of the box
  • If people have a great command of grammar, it could be easy for them to develop their four skills in English
  • Those who are remarkably good at English can seek for a high-paid job and have brighter future than those who are not 
  • Gain a deeper insight about traditional customs and new ways of life 
  • Learning foreign languages can provide people with countless opportunities to have a good hob with handsome salaries
  • When they acquire languages, they can be more confident to travel around the world to broaden their mind and gain interesting experience 
  • Chemistry is the subject I found the most enjoyable when I was in high school
  • Always get very high grades in chemistry 
  • Chemistry helps me to understand the nature of many reactions that happen in our bodies 

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