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  • Make a list = write a list of my daily tasks 
  • Helps me remember what I have to do and important meetings and events
  • Have good memories 
  • I have a goldfish brain: não cá vàng
  • forget tasks that need to get done 
  • Sth slipped my mind : quên cái gì mất 
  • Since I learnt to make list, my memory has improved dramatically 
  • I usually make a list via an app on my phone, which is super handy and more accessible 
  • When I need to list my long-term plans for my study (make a list of professional goals I’d like to accomplish for another 2, 3 or 5 years), I prefer to write them down
  • Remind me every day of tasks I need to accomplish
  • If I drop by a convenience store to get one or two items for urgent needs, of course making a list in advance would appear irrelevant. However, when I have to collect a whole lot of stuffs, ranging from groceries to detergents, it would be  unimmaginable to do so without a comprehensive list
  • Some people don’t care about making list 
  • it wastes their time = a waste of time for sb 
  • Have a reliable memory
  • There is no point making lists, and we never stick to them 

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