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1. fail to remember # bring back happy memories

Ví dụ: Fail to remember the Pixel 4a, the Google Pixel 5 is right here!

2. slip one's mind

Ví dụ: I'm sorry I forgot your birthday - it just slipped my mind.

3. forgetful (adj) đãng trí

Ví dụ: She's 84 now and getting a bit forgetful.

4. overlook = miss

Ví dụ: Two important facts have been overlooked in this case.

5. oblivious of something = not aware of sth

Ví dụ:

She seemed completely oblivious to what was happening around her.

6. neglect

Ví dụ: Some of these kids have been badly neglected in the past.

7. have a bad memory for sth # have a photographic memory for sth

8. have a memory like a sieve

9. # It's on the tip of my tounge

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