Cách dùng tính từ"busy"tiếng anh

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Bên cạnh Cách dùng tính từ"busy"tiếng anh, IELTS TUTOR cũng cung cấp thêm PHÂN TÍCH ĐỀ THI 30/5/2020 IELTS WRITING TASK 2 (kèm bài sửa HS đạt 6.5)

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II. Cách dùng tính từ"busy"

1. Mang nghĩa"bận rộn, tối mặt tối mày"

=working hard, or giving your attention to a particular thing/When you are busy, you are working hard or concentrating on a task, so that you are not free to do anything else.


  • too busy to do sth
  • busy with sth/sb
  • busy doing sth
  • a busy man/woman/person

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • I have been far too busy to think about taking time off. 
  • All our agents are currently busy with other customers. 
  • doctors are busy people các bác sĩ là những người bận rộn she's busy at /with her homework cô ấy bận công việc ở nhà
  • While we were busy planning our expansion, he was planning to take over the company. 
  • I won't take up much of your time, because I know you're a busy woman.
  • What is it? I'm busy. 
  • They are busy preparing for a hectic day's activity on Saturday. 
  • Rachel said she would be too busy to come. 
  • Phil Martin is an exceptionally busy man

2. Mang nghĩa"nhộn nhịp, náo nhiệt"

=full of activity or people/in a busy period, you have a lot of things to do/A busy place is full of people who are doing things or moving about.


  • a busy office/restaurant/street
  • a busy week/day/morning

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • The shop is always busy on Saturdays.
  •  It’s been a busy week.
  • It'll have to wait. This is our busiest time. 
  • a busy day /life /year (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: một ngày/cuộc đời/năm bận rộn)
  • Victoria is one of London's busiest stations V(IELTS TUTOR giải thích: ictoria là một trong những nhà ga nhộn nhịp nhất Luân Đôn)
  • a busy office /street /town (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: một cơ quan/đường phố/thành phố đông đúc tấp nập)
  • Even with her busy schedule she finds time to watch TV. 
  • I had a busy day and was rather tired
  • The Strand is one of London's busiest and most affluent streets. 
  • The ward was busy and Amy hardly had time to talk

3. Mang nghĩa"đang bận, đang có người dùng (điện thoại bận)"

=When a phone line is busy, you cannot make your call because the line is already being used by someone else.

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • if a telephone line is busy, someone is using it: I tried calling the office, but the line was busy.
  • I tried to reach him, but the line was busy.
  • the (telephone ) line is busy (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: dây nói đang bận, máy điện thoại đang bận)
  • the photocopier has been busy all morning (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: máy photo bận suốt sáng nay)

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