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Bên cạnh Bài sửa đề thi IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ngày 22/8/2020 của HS đi thi đạt 7.0 writing, IELTS TUTOR nhận thấy các bạn học sinh lớp IELTS ONLINE của IELTS TUTOR rất thường hay sai về Cách dùng động từ "pass" tiếng anh

I. Pass vừa là ngoại động từ, vừa là nội động từ

II. Cách dùng

1. Mang nghĩa "đi qua cái gì, bay qua, chạy theo dòng chảy..."

=to go past something / to move in a particular direction or to a particular place or position / if a road, river, or stream passes through, across etc a place, its path follows that direction


  • pass through/along/over
  • pass around/across/through 

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • They stopped at the crossing, waiting for the train to pass. 
  • The procession slowly passed us. 
  • Congress should pass new internet regulations.
  • We sometimes pass each other in the street.
  • Two large birds passed over our heads. 
  • The signal passes through a device called a router.
  • the street was so crowded that cars were unable to pass (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: phố đông đến nỗi xe ô tô không thể vượt được)
  • to pass a barrier /sentry /checkpoint (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: đi qua rào chắn/lính gác/trạm kiểm soát)
  • We passed through the gates of the old city. 
  • He passed his hand across his forehead. 
  • They managed to pass a message under the doorway.
  • The railway line passes through Darlington, Newcastle, and Berwick.

2. Mang nghĩa "đậu, đỗ kì thi"

=to be successful in an examination or test by achieving a satisfactory standard

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Did you pass?
  • She passed her driving test.
  • He’ll be in the team if he passes the fitness test today.

3. Mang nghĩa "chấm cho đậu"

=to officially judge that someone has been successful in an examination or test because they have achieved a satisfactory standard

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • The examiners passed only 40% of the candidates.

4. Mang nghĩa "chuyển thông tin, cái gì đó cho ai"

=to put something into someone’s hand or into a position where they can take it


  • pass someone something
  • pass something to someone

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

  • Pass the salt, please 
    • IELTS TUTOR giải thích: lấy hộ tôi muối 
  • Could you pass me that newspaper? 
  • He passed the camera to her so she could take a photograph.
  • Saunders was a paid informer, passing information to the secret police.

5. Mang nghĩa "thông qua luật"

=to make a law, proposal etc become official, usually by voting to accept it

IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • This is one of the worst laws ever passed. 
    • The legislation finally passed the House of Lords. 
    • If the bill passes, it will fundamentally affect people’s employment rights.
    • Parliament passed the bill (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: Nghị viện đã thông qua dự luật)
    • the motion was passed by 12 votes to 10 (IELTS TUTOR giải thích: bản kiến nghị được thông qua với 12 phiếu thuận, 10 phiếu chống)

    6. Mang nghĩa "qua thời đó rồi"

    =if time or a period of time passes, it happens and comes to an end

    IELTS TUTOR lưu ý:

    • hardly/not a day passes without

    IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ:

    • Time passes slowly when you’re waiting for something. 
    • The summer holidays passed quickly, as usual. 
    • She grew less hopeful with every passing day. 
    • Hardly a day passed without a journalist calling or knocking at our door.
    • Children can be very difficult at this age. 
    • Don’t worry – it’ll soon pass. 
    • I felt a sharp pain, but it soon passed.

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